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May 9:  Ladies Night Events at NFP Billings Bridge: Latin Dancing, Natural Cosmetics & Hormonal Balancing!

May 9: Ladies Night Events at NFP Billings Bridge: Latin Dancing, Natural Cosmetics & Hormonal Balancing!

Ladies! Join us on May 9th at Natural Food Pantry Billings Bridge and Natural Food Pantry Barrhaven for an evening of sampling, fun, prizes and learning! Seating for live events is on a first come, first serve basis. Bring your friends and arrive early to grab a seat! 

Tuesday May 9th 5:00pm at NFP Billings Bridge 

Free Dance Class with GoSalsa - Latin Dance Company! 

Join Komlanvi and his partner Claudine for a fun introduction to 4 Latin dances including Salsa and Bacetta followed by a short presentation and sampling of Dodjivi, premium mushroom coffee! 

Established over 21 years ago, directed by Komlanvi Dodjro and Claudine Martel, GoSalsa has been travelling and performing at international salsa congresses, mesmerizing and astonishing audiences with their theatrical style and stage presence. Their vision is to make positive impact in people’s lives through the passion, joy of dancing and promoting healthy living.  

GoSalsa also offer variety of services such as corporate, private entertainment, shows, performances, wedding choreographies and workshops for all occasions. They are enthusiastic, abundantly energetic, generous and full of passion; Komlanvi & Claudine approach teaching with humor using analogies and laughter to convey their extensive knowledge to their students.   

For further information visit:   

Tuesday May 9th  6:00pm at NFP Billings Bridge 

An evening with Lyz, evanhealy insider makeup artist! 

Join local celebrity Make-Up Artist, Creator and Consultant Lyz Plant while she speaks to the benefits of using natural make-up and skin care as well as the history and making of evanhealy cosmetics.  Free face balm sticks will be gifted to attendees! 

After the talk, drop by and see Lyz for a free make-up application of evanhealy cosmetics and receive a free gift with purchase kit of any evanhealy product that night!  

Lyz Plant is an accomplished makeup artist whose work has taken her all over North America including San Diego as a consultant to the eh brand. After 18 seasons of fashion weeks across Canada and her celebrity work, Lyz opened an eco-beauty shop for five years, which gave her the opportunity to frequent green and indie beauty shows from NYC to LA meeting and learning from all the best in the biz. She is currently Ottawa based working 1:1 with clients as a makeup artist and life coach. 

Check out this article about Lyz & natural cosmetics: 

Tuesday May 9th 7:00pm, NFP Billings & Barrhaven - Live Stream Webinar with Dr. Rubino, ND  

Balanced Endocrine Health for Improved Energy, Mood, and Sleep 

Are you dealing with brain fog, restless sleep, and fatigue? Does stress affect your menstrual cycle and are cravings hard to control? Chances are your hormones are to blame. Hormonal imbalances are common and can be related to the health of our ovaries, adrenals, and thyroid gland. Join Naturopathic Doctor, Stephanie Rubino, to learn more about the Ovarian-Adrenal-Thyroid (OAT) axis and how it can be supported for improved mood, increased energy, and balanced hormones. 

Dr. Stephanie Rubino, ND is a licensed naturopathic doctor, health educator, and mom with a vision to help others reach their own optimal health. Dr. Stephanie educates her patients and other health enthusiasts about nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle strategies to gain the benefits of healthy living. She regularly lectures to the public and health industry retailers, appears as a guest on tv shows, and writes articles for health publications. Dr. Stephanie operates a general naturopathic practice in Ontario, helping individuals achieve overall well-being, and address concerns related to stress, hormonal imbalance, and digestive health.  

Seating at NFP Billings Bridge and NFP Barrhaven is on a first come, first serve basis. 

OR CLICK HERE to register for this event online! 



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