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Meet Our Team...

Rick Payant, RHN, Nutritionist 

About: I came into the NFP company in 1991 just by coincidence. I am a licensed electrician and was doing work for my Uncle Roger, the previous owner of NFP. He mentioned he was looking to franchise one of his locations. My wife and I saw this as a great business opportunity and jumped in. It was very difficult in the beginning as neither one of us knew about health food retailing. We persevered adding a second location a few years later. From day 1 our amazing staff have helped us grow the business to now have 4 locations.

Fun Fact: I was in the first class at CSNN when they came to Ottawa and I have a masters electrician license.


Jo-Anne Payant
Billings Bridge

About: My beginning at NFP stemmed from the health issues my then 9 month old daughter had. Being a part of a business that has been in my family for now over 38 years, immersing myself was a logical choice to learn more and "get my family healthy".
Fast forward from the year 2000, I have made health and well being a primary focus of mine and my family's lives. From being an avid lover of organic foods and wine to maintaining a balanced lifestyle, I cannot see my life and future any other way.

Fun Fact: I was a cosmetician in my previous career doing TV make up and had the opportunity to "make up" our then Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Paul Martin, Member of the Canadian House of Commons.


Debra Payant
Finance Manager
Billings Bridge

About: I started with the company in September of 1998 as a sales associate.
Soon after moved into the role of POS Logistics and Accounting.
Now, I am A/P, A/R coordinator for the company.

Fun Fact: Anyone who knows me well, knows I am a huge fan of the group Bonjovi!

Natasha Villeneuve, CNP
Holistic Nutrionist,
Lead of NFP Education Initiative

About: I am the Lead of our Education Initiative. With eighteen years of nutrition experience and a deep passion for health and wellness, my vision is to make this a fun, informative and an engaging opportunity for everyone.

Fun Fact: I am passionate about and teach NIA dance fitness classes. NIA classes bring health and healing to the body, mind and spirit!


Lily Brown
Warehouse & Logistics Team Leader
Billings Bridge

About: I started at Natural Food Pantry in 2015 after the closure of a major retailer five years ago. It was nice to join a smaller, family run company where I was a person rather than a number. As a receiver, sometimes you have to think fast on your feet and I can adapt to many changing situations.

Fun Fact: I started playing soccer at the age of 40 and played WR4/WR3 Competitive as a Goalkeeper for 6 years. I still enjoy playing recreational soccer and have been playing Lead in a curling league for 5 years now. I have a Mathematics degree and it often comes in handy.

Laura Duff, RHN, Nutritionist 
Data Management &
Technical Support Coordinator
Billings Bridge

About: I started working as a cashier at Billings 11 years ago, and continued on as a nutritionist in the supplements department, and then assistant store manager. Last year, I took on this office role monitoring pricing, inventory, and making sure our phones and cashes are working to serve you properly!

Fun Fact:I like to do yoga and sing karaoke (not at the same time!)

Sharon Harris
Store Manager
Billings Bridge

About: I have been with NFP since the beginning in 1981! I read my first book on nutrition when I was 19 and I have been following a healthy food and fitness lifestyle since then.

Fun Fact: I'm a fitness enthusiast, Bird watcher, and love rock music (Current favorite is Greta Van Fleet)!

Sonia Romero
Online Store & Social Media Lead
Billings Bridge

About: I started working at Natural Food Pantry in November 2023. I've always been interested in learning how to live a healthier lifestyle, especially after becoming a mom. Working on NFP's digital presence allows me to delve deeper into health and wellness and understand their benefits for our lives.

Fun Fact: I love to go on hikes with my family and cooking!