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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $75 *exclusions apply
FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $75 *exclusions apply


Spring is the perfect time to clear out the old, refresh and renew with a gentle, guided nutritional cleanse!  

 This experience is for those who desire:

  • Increased energy & metabolism
  • Improved digestion & elimination
  • Better focus and mental clarity
  • Reduced pain, headaches and inflammation
  • Improved immunity
  • Deeper, restful sleep
  • Clear, vibrant skin
  • Balanced hormones & mood
  • Improved eating and lifestyle habits

May 25- June 3 2021 

Price:  $49.99  Register Here!   

Holistic Nutritionist Natasha Villeneuve will guide you through this gentle, effective nutritional cleanse developed to include natural, wholesome foods that support your body’s detoxification systems while eliminating foods that may cause challenge to your body.  The consumption of these beautiful, wholesome, natural foods promote whole body health & healing. 

This cleanse will be mainly plant-based with a few options for clean animal products.  This cleanse will keep you nourished and content by balancing juices, smoothies and salads with soups, steamed veggies and other gently cooked foods.  This program does not include fasting.  You will not be left feeling hungry on this cleanse.  Cleanse supportive supplements will be recommended but are not essential in order to participate.

This NFP Cleanse Experience includes:

  • Shopping List & Preparation Tips
  • Full Menu plan with Recipes
  • List of Green (Go for it!), and Red (Avoid) Foods
  • Printable daily food log/journal
  • Lifestyle and Stress Reduction Recommendations
  • Support through three Q & A informative Zoom meetings with Natasha
  • Access to private facebook group community for sharing, connection and support

Natasha Villeneuve, Holistic Nutritionist is the Lead and Educator of the Natural Food Pantry Education Initiative.  Natasha is dedicated to educating, guiding and empowering people toward optimal health and well-being. With over eighteen years in the health and wellness industry, Natasha has gained a positive reputation within the community as a nutritional consultant, speaker and workshop facilitator and has provided nutrition and health presentations for various businesses, corporations and events. Natasha's main focus and interest are in the areas of digestion, detoxification, mental health, and mindful eating.




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