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May 9:  Ladies Night Events at NFP Barrhaven:  Intuitive Eating, Natural Skin Care & Hormonal Balance!

May 9: Ladies Night Events at NFP Barrhaven: Intuitive Eating, Natural Skin Care & Hormonal Balance!

Ladies! Join us on May 9th at Natural Food Pantry Billings Bridge and Natural Food Pantry Barrhaven for an evening of sampling, fun, prizes and learning! Seating for live events is on a first come, first serve basis. Bring your friends and arrive early to grab a seat! 

Tuesday May 9th, 5:00pm at NFP Barrhaven 

Intuitive Eating and Guided Meditation with Tina D’Angelo, Life Coach 

Discover how Intuitive Eating provides a way of eating that embodies health and frees our minds and bodies from diet culture.  Join us for this 45 minute presentation and come back to your roots by trusting and accepting your divine self.  Intuitive Eating will not change your relationship with food, but will change your life.  

 Join Tina to: 

  • Understand what Intuitive Eating is 
  • Understand how we have become dis-embodied (disconnected from ourselves) 
  • Take the Intuitive Eating Assessment 
  • Glance at 10 steps of Intuitive Eating 
  • Enjoy a guided Mindfulness Meditation practice 

Tina empowers and leads people to live their healthiest, most authentic and prosperous selves through her passion as seasoned Well-Being Transformational Life Coach. Her high frequency energy is deeply rooted from a place of LOVE and she is blessed to inspire and support you to live an abundant life designed with balance in mind, body and spirit. Tina carry over 25+ years of experience in wellness circle. She is the owner of HealthStyles Consulting, a versatile consultant, compassionate coach and mentor who embodies and specializes in the areas of corporate fitness and wellness management, transformational self-growth workshops, wellness retreats, group and personal fitness and wellness programs, life coaching, nutrition, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and sound healing. 

Discover more about Tina and her services at  


Tuesday May 9th, 6:00pm at NFP Barrhaven 

Spring Into Beautiful Skin with Jessica Luft, RHN, Esthetician and owner of Glowing Skin Begins Within 

A woman’s skin is a direct reflection of her inner health.  When there’s an imbalance, it often results in breakouts, irritation, dryness and even premature aging. By understanding and using organic products, eating nourishing foods which feed the skin and enhancing collagen production, we can recharge our skin without using invasive products or procedures.  

You will discover: 

  • The connection between what you eat and how it affects the skin 
  • The relationship between seasonal changes and the skin 
  • The importance of eating with the seasons,  
  • How to choose and use the right products for YOU 
  • Simple actions you can start implementing right away to reveal that fresh spring glow. 

Jessica Luft is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Esthetician and owner of Glowing Skin Begins Within. Jessica directs her special energies to motivate, inspire and empower women to fully embrace their natural beauty on their journeys to age gracefully. Jessica’s clients achieve long-term transformative results using her unique and innovative ‘inside-out’ holistic approach focusing on root causes, incorporating beauty nutrition, and supported with safe and effective products with the intention of restoring and unleashing that healthy and radiant glow within us all.    

Learn more about Jessica at  


Tuesday May 9th 7:00pm, NFP Billings & Barrhaven - Live Stream Webinar with Dr. Rubino, ND  

Balanced Endocrine Health for Improved Energy, Mood, and Sleep 

Are you dealing with brain fog, restless sleep, and fatigue? Does stress affect your menstrual cycle and are cravings hard to control? Chances are your hormones are to blame. Hormonal imbalances are common and can be related to the health of our ovaries, adrenals, and thyroid gland. Join Naturopathic Doctor, Stephanie Rubino, to learn more about the Ovarian-Adrenal-Thyroid (OAT) axis and how it can be supported for improved mood, increased energy, and balanced hormones. 

Dr. Stephanie Rubino, ND is a licensed naturopathic doctor, health educator, and mom with a vision to help others reach their own optimal health. Dr. Stephanie educates her patients and other health enthusiasts about nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle strategies to gain the benefits of healthy living. She regularly lectures to the public and health industry retailers, appears as a guest on tv shows, and writes articles for health publications. Dr. Stephanie operates a general naturopathic practice in Ontario, helping individuals achieve overall well-being, and address concerns related to stress, hormonal imbalance, and digestive health.  

Seating at NFP Billings Bridge and NFP Barrhaven is on a first come, first serve basis. 

OR CLICK HERE to register for this event online! 


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