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Keto Gut-Healing Lunch Wrap 

Keto Gut-Healing Lunch Wrap 

It’s no surprise that the ketogenic lifestyle has been all the rage. Beyond the satiating meals, reduced hunger cravings and innate fat loss benefits, by shifting your metabolic energy source away from burning glucose (carbohydrates, sugars and starches) for fuel into a fat burning primed state, your mental acuity, sustained energy and internal health are amplified tenfold.

They say that the gut is the second brain. By helping to support the gut by balancing flora with organic, hormone-free, fibrous, nutrient dense foods that are filled with healthy fats that keep you feeling full naturally and allow for a wholesome meal – you are doing wonders for your body.
Here is an example of a simple wrap that can packs a delicious punch of nutrition.


Turmeric Wrap by Live Organic Food
Organic Kimchi by Green Table Foods

Thai Salsa by Yai's Thai


Natural Roast Beef

Sprouts by Backyard Edibles

Calories 334.2
Net Carbs 4.8g 
Fiber 9g
Protein 16.4g
Fat 25g

Recipe by: Genevieve ‘Keto Goddess’ Castonguay

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