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Why You Need Vitamin C and Lysine for Heart Health and More...

Why You Need Vitamin C and Lysine for Heart Health and More...

Vitamin C is arguably the single most important water soluble antioxidant in the human body. Antioxidants play a key role in protecting cells against free radicals, which accumulate daily, and thus must be "neutralized" --to keep a strong immune defense.

It's tragic that scientific researchers are unaware that high levels of vitamin C and lysine are crucial for optimum long-term health of the coronary and other arteries in the body. Vitamin C is needed for the manufacture of collagen, the glue that holds cells together. A lack of vitamin C means poor collagen, resulting in cracks appearing between coronary cells thus leading to various types of unhealthy aging.

Recently, Dr. Sydney Bush, an English researcher, made this monumental discovery. He took photos of the retinal arteries and then gave these older patients 6,000 milligrams of vitamin C and 5,000 of lysine, which increases the natural collagen. (Lysine adds strength to coronary arteries just like steel rods increase the strength of concrete.) A year later he repeated the pictures. To his surprise, he saw graphic evidence of enormous improvements in heart health!

Millions of North Americans are now active Baby Boomers, seeking to maintain strong and healthy joints. Without sufficient vitamin C to produce collagen, a major component of cartilage, bone eventually wears away in normal aging, and eventually bone grinds on bone. There would be fewer joint replacements if more vitamin C were available to produce healthy collagen.

Every moment of the day our bodies are using oxygen to keep us alive. But oxidation results in metabolic ash, known as "free radicals", which are believed to trigger a natural "inflammatory reaction" in joints. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to reduce damaging free-radicals.

Patients often appear surprised when I tell them that vitamin C will help them keep their teeth a lifetime. By age 65 one in five North Americans has lost all their teeth – and yet many of their teeth were normal. Rather, it was the gums that could no longer hold teeth firmly in place in part due to inadequate amounts of vitamin C. This vitamin is needed in large amounts to produce healthy collagen, the glue that holds cells together and keeps gums healthy. Without good mortar bricks fall apart and the same happens when gums lacking collagen lose their grip on teeth.

The essential amino acid Lysine is probably best known for its use in those needing to renew and repair skin. But several other benefits have been ascribed to the molecule, including favorable effects on maintaining healthy blood pressure, and also a positive influence on mood and anxiety.
In addition to providing healthy collagen production and a healthy cardiovascular system, vitamin C and lysine supplementation helps support:
• Immune system health
• Good vision
• Healthy teeth and gums
• Healthy bones and cartilage
• Healthy and beautiful skin

This is why I've been taking high levels of vitamin C combined with high levels lysine for the last 16 years as a "senior". I am now 90 years old, am told that I look only about 70; and I enjoy a healthy heart and good circulation—the envy of my younger friends. Medi-C Plus™, containing high, but very safe, amounts of vitamin C and lysine, is available both in powder and capsules.

By W.Gifford-Jones, MD

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