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How to Clear Your Seasonal Allergy Symptoms Naturally

How to Clear Your Seasonal Allergy Symptoms Naturally

Is there anything worse than hay fever? If you're one of the many people who suffer from seasonal allergies, you might dread the return of spring while everyone else around you cheers for the warm weather. Common advice to curb unpleasant allergy symptoms includes staying indoors, monitoring pollen count in the weather report, and wearing a protective mask. But if you want to truly enjoy spring, try our all-natural and holistic approach to alleviating seasonal allergy symptoms so you can crack the windows open and go have fun in the sun like the rest of us.

What Are Seasonal Allergies?
Seasonal allergies, also known as rhinitis or hay fever, are a super common condition that usually happens in the spring. Pollen from trees, plants, and grasses trigger seasonal allergy symptoms like itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing, fogginess, and fatigue. Common treatments for relieving allergy symptoms include antihistamines that can make you drowsy and take all the fun out of spring. Cue the natural remedies that work without undesirable side effects. ​

Natural Remedies For Seasonal Allergies
The best approach to relieving seasonal allergy symptoms is to follow a long-term plan. When you make small tweaks to your diet and start building a better immune system in the months before symptoms arise, you set yourself up for success. Still, if you want quick relief, the right herbal remedy will act fast and soothe your symptoms on the fly. Ready to get started? Here are our top tips.

Load Up On Anti-Inflammatory Foods
To fight seasonal allergy symptoms, cut out inflammation-causing ingredients (like white sugar, refined flours, and hydrogenated oils) and swap them for anti-inflammatory superfoods like raw local honey, sprouted grains and seeds, and healing spices like turmeric and ginger.

Build A Better Immune System
A stronger immune system is key when it comes to seasonal allergy prevention. Try medicinal mushrooms like reishi to help balance immune system response and increase resistance to common allergens.

Curb Symptoms With Herbs
When you want fast-acting relief from seasonal allergy symptoms, a well-formulated and non-drowsy herbal blend is your go-to solution. Deep Immune® for Allergies provides immediate symptom relief, while at the same time correcting the immune issues that underlie the condition. This is possible because the product incorporates fast-acting herbs and homeopathic ingredients, together with immune-balancing herbs like astragalus and reishi. There is wisdom and method in the design; its homeopathic ingredients address the acute symptoms of allergy, while its herbal components, including nettle (a classic anti-allergy herb), astragalus, reishi, schisandra, and southern prickly ash, tackle the underlying, chronic mechanisms by which such symptoms arise.

For more information on allergies, check out St. Francis 7 natural ways to zap seasonal allergies blog.

It’s a good idea to get the jump on allergies and begin treatment 4-6 weeks ahead of the season. Try Deep Immune for Allergies in a convenient and quickly absorbed tincture form.

Preventing and providing relief to seasonal allergy naturally means you get to enjoy the beauty of spring, symptom-free.

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