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Preserve Compostables

Preserve Compostables

Preserve Compostables are made from plants and return to the soil when the party is over. Friends? Check. Cake? Check? Festive Drinks? Check. Landfill? No way!

Why Compostables?
A product is never only just a product. Every product is wrapped up in a system. For years our tableware products have been enveloped in a system of reusability. We’ve designed them to be made from strong recycled polypropylene and ensured that they were dishwasher safe and durable. But we know that tableware is not always used where reusable systems can be employed. The picnic on the farm. The dorm where there are no dishwashers. The birthday party that is just going to overwhelm your kitchen. We think compostable systems are a great option and we’ve come to market with a product line designed to be ready for those opportunities.

Composting Now
Just as the recycling landscape has evolved over 20 years, so has composting. Backyard composting is more common and more and more cities are working to divert food waste to composters and away from landfills. Cities that are able to compost, rather than landfill their food waste, emit fewer greenhouse gasses.

What Does it Mean to Say 'Compostable?'
In order for a product to be termed “compostable” in the United States it needs to break down into soil in either a backyard or commercial composting facility and leave nothing behind. The products also cannot contain ingredients that can negatively impact the soil.

Backyard versus Commercial Composting
Due to their smaller sizes, backyard compost bins simply cannot get as hot as a commercial facility, and the heat generated through the breakdown of organic material is a large part of what allows products like Preserve Compostables to degrade. In an ideal world, we’d like to have all of our Preserve Compostables products be Backyard Compostable. However, the liners that are necessary to make cups functional, also slow their breakdown. For this reason, our bowls, plates, and straws are backyard compostable, while our cups require a commercial facility. Of course, if you don’t have a backyard compost bin, but do have access to a commercial facility, the straws, bowls, and plates can go there too!

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