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Oct 6 - Meditation for Emotional Balance

Oct 6 - Meditation for Emotional Balance

With Lori Chamberland

Sun Oct 6, 10:30-12:30 - NFP Barrhaven

$40.00 + HST  REGISTER

Meditation is an ancient practice that is gaining more and more attention as we search for stability in a world that is changing at an unprecedented rate. Many of the mental and emotional health challenges we face start not in our bodies but in our minds. The good news is, we can change our minds. 

Join us for this 2 hour experiential workshop to learn ...

-How what we say to ourselves impacts how we feel

-How meditation helps positively change our brains and bodies

-Why meditation works

-Five meditation basics

-How to use hand gestures (aka mudras) to help you meditate

You will leave this workshop with a 3 short meditation practices for emotional balance that incorporate a simple yoga posture, a mudra, an essential oil and an intention.

We will serve lights snacks form the NFP Cafe.

Lori Chamberland has been practicing and teaching a variety of relaxation techniques since 1985. She is the founder of Balance Relaxation Therapy and creator of Take the Journey, a yoga-based course that helps you de-stress and re-energize. She holds a degree in recreation and is an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Relaxation Therapist and Reflexologist. You can learn more about Lori at www.balancerelaxationtherapy.com

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