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Nov 20: Natural Therapies for Chronic Stress and Anxiety

Nov 20: Natural Therapies for Chronic Stress and Anxiety

With Cyrus Kuhzarani, Founder and Formulator for Pure Lab Vitamins

Wed Nov 20, 7-8:30pm - NFP Barrhaven


Recently I was speaking with a customer about stress and anxiety. She revealed that her doctor had diagnosed her with ‘Busy Brain Syndrome’.  ‘Busy Brain’ is another syndrome amongst a growing list of health concerns which are directly related to our stressful, anxious lives. There is constant pressure to excel in our work, at school and even our social lives. ‘Keeping up with the Jones’ isn’t a joke anymore. So how do we cope with stress and anxiety in a world where life isn’t slowing down, it’s only moving faster?  Join me for a frank discussion about stress and anxiety and how you can address the symptoms in a natural, safe way.”

 ~Cyrus Kuhzarani,  Pharmacist and Natural Health Advocate

This talk is for you if you can check off any of the following:

-Headaches or Insomnia

-Itchy skin or mystery rashes

-Muscle twitching or pain

-Hair thinning or loss

-Busy brain

-Recurring stomach aches or intestinal distress

Learn which natural products can help alleviate stress and anxiety all year long!

Please Note:  Classroom is accessible by stairs.

Cyrus Kuhzarani was born and raised in Muenster, Germany.  After graduating from pharmacy school in Dusseldorf, Cyrus moved to Canada and has spent the last fifteen years as a compounding pharmacist in the local Ottawa community. His work with patients and health professionals in a multitude of areas, including pain management, Diabetes, and Scleroderma, has earned him a reputation as an outcome-focused, patient championing health professional.   As the founder and formulator of Pure Lab Vitamins, Cyrus has been able to utilize his experience and knowledge to create natural products that address a multitude of health issues including cognitive health, chronic pain and stress and anxiety. 


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