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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $75 *exclusions apply


Tuesday March 28th 6:30pm - NFP Kanata


With Brittany Gordon R.H.N., NNCP

Interesting Fact:  Being dehydrated by just 2-3% can decrease your strength and stamina by as much as 10%! This reduction in strength and stamina can increase your chances of injury and can prevent you from meeting your goals.

This workshop will highlight:

  • How macronutrients play a role in energy maintenance
  • Nutrient timing for optimal fitness and sports performance
  • Eating to reduce recovery time
  • How supplements can assist in recovery

This workshop is for any individual looking to improve at their sport or in the gym. Acceptable for newbies to the more advanced.

Brittany Gordon is a Registered Holistic Nutritionists who specializes in Sports Nutrition, Allergies,Skin Health and Digestive Wellness.  Brittany has been working in the field of Health and Wellness since 2012 when she began her career as a personal trainer, eventually travelling to Costa Rica to become a Registered Yoga Teacher.  After working in the field of functional movement and health for several years, she realized that something was missing from her own life and from the lives of her clients.  In order to help rid herself of a life filled with allergies, food sensitivities, eczema and weight struggles, Brittany pursued formal education in Nutrition.  She since has been able to reduce and eliminate her own eczema symptoms, has found a healthy balance in life and is excited to share her knowledge with others. Since becoming a Nutritionist Brittany has joined the Caven Nutrition Group and has been able to watch as her clients rapidly achieve their goals, change their lives and maximize their energy.

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