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Jun 18, 25: Advanced KETO:  Level Up Your Ketogenic Lifestyle with Dialed-In Hacks

Jun 18, 25: Advanced KETO: Level Up Your Ketogenic Lifestyle with Dialed-In Hacks

With Genevieve Castonguay

Tues June 18 & 25, 6-8pm - NFP Barrhaven


Have you been practicing a ketogenic lifestyle on your own, put in the legwork and researched the basics and are looking to LEVEL UP your journey and your knowledge?

This two-part advanced keto series features dialed-in hacks to break plateaus, to optimize your internal health, meet specific objectives and offers a customized approach for all who attend.

Join Genevieve ‘Keto Goddess’ Castonguay of Keto Better Life Coaching to explore your blood ketone monitoring (and in house testing), intermittent fasting protocols with sample meal plans, gut & brain health foods & breaking through plateaus while focusing on prevention and a proactive approach.  

Session #1: June 18th

Critical pro tips for optimal keto: breaking plateaus, balancing internal health and mitigating future illness. Includes blood ketone testing opportunity & intermittent fasting protocols with sample meal plans

Session #2: June 25

Gut & Brain connection, thyroid boosting foods, exercise on keto & increasing metabolism with nutrition. Delve deeper into keto with science backed research and applications custom for your goals!

Genevieve Castonguay is a multi-entrepreneur operating as the owner/wellness coach of a personal training company, Goddess Gains, a ketogenic lifestyle coach adopting a persona of 'Keto Goddess' with educational speaking engagements with Keto Better Life, a cancer survivor, author, and freelance marketing agent. Through education, empowerment and experience, her passion is to inspire a health awakening and cultivate a healthy mindset FIRST.

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