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Jan 9:  Empower your Health-Mind, Body, Spirit! Preventative Health Workshop for Women

Jan 9: Empower your Health-Mind, Body, Spirit! Preventative Health Workshop for Women

Tuesday Jan 9th, 6:30-7:30pm, NFP Kanata

With Kelly Maia Agnew, CNP and Evelyn Crawford, CNP


Kelly and Evelyn will discuss key diet and lifestyle factors that shape women’s health both short-term and long-term. The focus will be on prevention of disease and chronic illness through diet, supportive lifestyle modifications and strengthening one’s mindset. Join us and learn how to set up your life for a future filled with health and happiness!

-Learn how diet plays a role in prevention of chronic illness and disease, and which foods you should have in your diet.

-Discover key lifestyle changes that promote health and wellness, and how to integrate them into your daily life.

-Consider how mindfulness and emotional health has an impact on quality of life and long-term physical health.

-Walk away with a delicious recipe, helpful eating and stress-busting exercises and powerful affirmations.

-Enjoy a nourishing and delicious treat!

Kelly and Evelyn will each give away a certificate for a free one hour consultation to a lucky winner!

Kelly Agnew is an Ottawa-based holistic nutritionist focused on supporting women through life’s big moments and during the in-between. After experiencing burnout twice in her life, she has learned how to achieve optimal health through diet and lifestyle changes. Today she works with women around the world, helping them become their healthiest and happiest selves by focusing on nutrition, stress management and hormone support. Kelly also runs a 6-week program called Burnt out to Balanced, perfect for women who feel overwhelmed and exhausted and are looking to feel reenergized and empowered.

Evelyn Crawford is a Holistic Nutritionist who relieves overeating and weight stress with mindset skills, whole foods knowledge and body-love lifestyle practices. She is passionate about helping others freely be their joyous selves in an era of excessive pleasures and band-aid solutions. Evelyn is the creator of The Holistic Weight Loss Blueprint, an 8-week online program for weight loss and freedom. She is based in Ottawa.  

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