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Jan 31: Food and Your Child’s Mood- What’s the Connection?

Jan 31: Food and Your Child’s Mood- What’s the Connection?

With Jess Sherman RHN, Author

Wed January 31 1:00pm - NFP Westboro


Inattention, meltdowns, aggression, tantrums, fatigue, hyperactivity, depression, anxiety... food can play a big part in your child’s mood and behaviour. This session address the food-mood connection. It is geared particularly towards parents who have kids struggling with concerning behaviours (regardless of diagnosis). Anyone who wants some clarity around how food can contribute to how they think, feel and function will find it valuable.

Come to learn:

-3 specific ways food influences how you think, feel and function

-Simple dietary changes that can improve focus, learning and attention while reducing anxiety, hyperactivity and aggression

-Exactly what to expect when you make dietary changes and where to start

-Gain access to free recipes for resilience and breakfasts for better emotional stability

A lucky winner receive a copy of Jess’ Book:   Raising Resilience - 36 ways to help your kids relax, learn and grow!

Jess Sherman a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Board Certified by The Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals (CAHN-pro). She specializes in pediatric, family and maternal nutrition with a particular emphasis on digestive and developmental issues and mental health. Jess's coaching and on-line courses are focused on helping parents feed their babies, their kids and themselves so that they may all live full, vibrant and inspired lives. She works with the team at the Ottawa Integrative Health Centre in Ottawa, and has set up a virtual office to reach clients farther afield.

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