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Feb 7:  Avoid the Afternoon Slump!

Feb 7: Avoid the Afternoon Slump!

With Karolyn Boyd

Wed Feb 7th 6:30pm, NFP Westboro


Do you often experience a significant drop in energy in the afternoons? Did you know that your food choices may have a negative effect on your afternoon vitality?

Discover :  

-How your food choices affect your afternoon energy levels, mood and physiology

-The long term role this plays on your health  

-How this affects your behaviour and tendency to subconsciously choose stimulants to balance out your energy levels

-How to regain control and experience wellness!

Prize giveaway : One pre-sale copy of Food Freedom with access to all the bonuses (38$ value).

Karolyn has lumped all of her modalities together and has become an expert in lifestyle services, specifically, weight management and the progression of metabolic disorders and diabetes. In 1998, she became very sick and realized that this experience was a blessing in disguise which redefined her entire life purpose and redirected her life. With her personal experience, she is able to coach or guide someone to health using various tools and works holistically and naturally. She offers a roadmap to health and has mastered how to work with someone, to help them improve their lifestyle including all that entails to begin healing. She is most passionate in helping others find the courage to be able to implement the healthy habits into their lifestyles to attain wellness. She obliges your stubborn metabolism to obey!

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