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Sep 29: Relaxed, Grounded & Nourished NFP Meditation Experience

Sep 29: Relaxed, Grounded & Nourished NFP Meditation Experience

With Kylie Delfino

Saturday September 29, 2018 10:30am-1:30pm - NFP Barrhaven



During the Vibrational Re-balancing Meditation, you will experience ‘stillness of mind' as your physical body deeply relaxes into the soothing, healing sounds of the singing crystal bowls.  After the meditation is over, coffee, tea and nourishing whole food treats from our NFP bakery will be served as you discover how your emotional state of being directly impacts your physical health. You will be provided with take home exercises, techniques and tools so you can integrate an effortless Meditation practice into your daily routine.

Participants will:

-Have a direct experience of ‘stillness of mind’ during the Vibrational Rebalancing Crystal Bowl Meditation.

-Discover why and how your emotional state of being directly affects your physical health.

-Learn meditation techniques that directly improve your relationship with yourself, with your emotional and physical state of being.  

As a  Clinical Nutritionist, Kylie spent more than a decade focusing on the physical body,  creating and delivering nutritional education programs in the cancer treatment arena. In 2016,  after surviving a near death experience Kylie’s understanding and perception of healing moved from the physical application of whole food and lifestyles strategies to the area of attitudinal and emotional healing. Through meditation and experiential workshops, Kylie teaches attitudinal healing where inner peace and absolute self love is a natural state of being.   

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