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10 Day Online Fall 2024 Nutrition & Wellness Reset

10 Day Online Fall 2024 Nutrition & Wellness Reset

Join Natasha this spring and embark on a 10-day guided health journey that will leave you feeling vitalized, soothed, and renewed!

Natasha’s 10 Day Nutrition & Wellness Reset is back by popular demand... with a twist! This time the experience will be focused on reducing pain and inflammation.

Experts are discovering that one of the best ways to reduce inflammation lies not in the medicine cabinet, but in the refrigerator and pantry. By following an anti-inflammatory diet you can reduce inflammation for good.

Join Natasha this spring and embark on a 10-day guided health journey that will leave you feeling vitalized, soothed, and renewed!

November 4th-13th 2024


This experience is for those who desire:

  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Improved digestion, energy and metabolism
  • Improved immunity
  • Deeper, more restful sleep
  • Improved mood, mental function and mindset
  • Positive eating and lifestyle habits
  • Health and nutrition education inspiration
  • New, fun, delicious, wholesome recipes and wellness tips!

Holistic Nutritionist Natasha Villeneuve will guide you through this gentle, effective nutritional reset designed to include natural, wholesome foods that support digestive health and soothe inflammation, while eliminating foods that may cause challenge. The consumption of these delicious, natural foods promote whole body health & healing.

This reset will be mainly plant-based with some options for healthy animal products. This experience will keep you fueled and content by providing a variety of wholesome, nourishing dishes. This program does not incorporate fasting. You will not be left feeling hungry on this reset. Supplements will be recommended but are not essential for you to participate.

This NFP Reset Experience includes:

  • Shopping List & Preparation Tips
  • Full Menu plan with Recipes
  • List of Anti-inflammatory Superfoods
  • Daily emails to keep you On Track
  • Lifestyle and Wellness Recommendations
  • 4 Optional Live Q&A online Zoom Sessions with Natasha (recordings available to those who cannot attend)
  • Access to private Facebook group community for sharing, connection and support

Five days before the event starts, you will receive your recipes, shopping list and instructions. Daily emails and zoom sessions will begin the week leading up to the reset. Watch your email inbox for details!

From previous Reset participants:

"I really enjoyed the 10-day experience. After the last 11 years of motherhood, I really needed this mind & body reset. The last time I did something like this was a cleanse over 15 years ago! I've connected to parts of my own self again, really. So grateful to you and what you're doing here Natasha." Vanessa

"This program has made SUCH a difference to me in so many ways - striking at my general fatigue, brain fog, the blahs, body aches, intestinal distress, allergies, lack of initiative, and a whole collection of varied annoyances. I stayed on the reset for an additional couple of weeks, and still find myself happily motivated to eat a diet that follows the same principles. It has become a habit - self perpetuated because I am both unwilling to go back to the yucky ways I had come to feel and finding the energy to care about and to invest in planning and preparing healthy meals and snacks. Thanks for doing what you do Natasha, and for helping me find my way back to beautiful days." Bonnie

"Brain fog, exhaustion and inflammation were my everyday norm. I was in a funk and needed help. I had the opportunity to take part in the 10-day reset in the Spring. What a game changer.! Natasha knowledgeably guided and caringly supported us through the cleanse and provided great detailed resources that set us up for success. She taught us about the importance of self-care in all manners and most importantly through food. In just a few short days after the start of the reset, I started experiencing the benefits. My brain fog lifted, and my energy was amazing! The food was delicious. I never felt deprived, always satiated. I still incorporate some of my favourite recipes in my rotation of meals today. Such a great program for anyone who is looking for a fresh start. Can’t wait until the next one!" Tasha

November 4th-13th 2024


Natasha Villeneuve, Holistic Nutritionist & Nia Dance Fitness Instructor is the lead of our Natural Food Pantry Education Initiative. Natasha is dedicated to educating, guiding and empowering people toward optimal health and well-being. With over twenty years in the health and wellness industry, Natasha has gained a positive reputation within the community as a nutritional consultant, speaker, Nia teacher and workshop facilitator and has provided nutrition and health presentations for various businesses, corporations and events. Natasha's main focus and interest are in the areas of digestion, detoxification, women’s health, mindfulness, movement, mental health, gluten free & dairy free eating.

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