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Beautiful Skin Begins From Within

Beautiful Skin Begins From Within

In our early 20s collagen production declines by about one percent a year. But women lose as much as 30 percent of their collagen in the five years following menopause and this drop in collagen is what causes wrinkling and sagging. When we are young, the skin naturally renews its collagen and elastin. But with age and damaging sunburns this renewal rate slows down.

ACTIVE COLLAGEN showed a significant 20% decrease in the depth & the number of deep wrinkles in 28 DAYS!

In a study of 43 women between the ages of 40 and 55 with deep crow’s feet wrinkles, consumption of Active Collagen containing hydrolyzed marine collagen and elastin polypeptides was found to decrease lines and wrinkles as well as increase skin moisture. Two grams per day of either Active Collagen or fake pills were consumed for 84 days. Subjects’ forearm and face skin conditions were measured at day 0, day 28 and day 84. Day 28 through 84 were during winter months to capture harsh winter conditions. After 28 days, the group taking the Active Collagen showed a significant 20 percent decrease in the depth and the number of deep wrinkles in 71 percent of the subjects. The placebo group experienced an increase in the number of deep wrinkles. Finally, Active Collagen was found to have a powerful moisturizing effect on the skin and the longer you take it the more collagen rebuilding occurs. Active Collagen also reduces the crepey skin we get on our eyelids and upper arms. You only have to take 2000 mg of Active Collagen.

Thick, strong, shiny hair is dependent on keratin and collagen production. After the age of 30 hair production of these two key elements declines causing dull, thin and slower growing, weaker hair. Choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid and biotin found in COLLAGEN PLUS have been found to support thickness and strength of hair by enhancing collagen and keratin. Keratin makes up over 90 percent of your hair and it provides the strength and shine we all crave for our hair. Within 90 days of taking 10 drops a day of COLLAGEN PLUS you will notice thicker hair, less breakage and a dramatic increase in shine. 

2 packet or 6 capsules of MULTIsmart per day
10 drops of COLLAGEN PLUS per day
1 teaspoon of IRONsmart liquid or 1 capsule per day

Always ask for your test results. There are two iron blood tests: hemoglobin and ferritin. For hemoglobin, the test range suggested as normal by your doctor is 117-160g/L for women. Yet we know that hemoglobin below 140g/L will cause signicant hair loss. Ferritin, which is your iron storage, has a suggested test range of 15-160ug/L; but to prevent hair loss and ensure thick hair, your reading should be above 70ug/L.

Low iron is the leading cause of hair loss in women and you do not have to be diagnosed with anemia to lose your hair. Women with low hemoglobin and ferritin can suffer from severe hair loss. Heavy periods can also contribute to hair loss due to iron loss. Get your ferritin and hemoglobin checked by your doctor and ask about taking an iron supplement like IRONsmart, our non-constipating liposomal iron that helps to prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia.

Like choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid, biotin is important for healthy hair, skin, nails and bones. Topical biotin, often added to hair care products, is not as effective as biotin in oral form. Taking biotin has been found to increase nail strength and reduce splitting.
COLLAGEN PLUS contains 500 mcg of biotin as per recommended daily dose and when combined with cholinestabilized orthosilicic acid you get the two best builders for beautiful hair and nails.


Getting enough GLA can be challenging because the only human food to contain GLA is breast milk. After we are weaned we have to make GLA from the food we eat. People with skin disorders and women who have gone through menopause can not make GLA from the food they eat very effectively. And this inability to make GLA is the reason post menopausal women have dry, wrinkled skin lacking that youthful glow. GLA is not found in fish or flax seed oil and the highest source of GLA is found in borage oil.

Look for GLA SKIN OIL a liquid borage oil supplement. If you want to change the look
of your skin quickly take the GLA Skin Challenge and eat 2 tablespoons of GLA per day and apply a small amount to the wrinkles on your face at bedtime. Your friends will be asking if you had “work done”!

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