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Be Your Most Beautiful You, From the Inside Out

Be Your Most Beautiful You, From the Inside Out

A flattering outfit and a talented makeup artist can make anyone look beautiful, but there’s more to real beauty than the right dress or mascara. To truly look and feel like the knockout you are, try promoting healthy beauty from the inside out.
Here are some of our favourite ways to support and sustain natural beauty:
Turn on the water works. Proper hydration is important to the appearance of plumper, firmer, healthier looking skin. In addition to quenching your thirst, drinking water helps flush toxins from your body more efficiently to help keep it looking fresh. Adequate water intake can also help you maintain stronger nails, prevent acne flare-ups and reduce breakage, thinning and loss of hair. The average person should aim for 6 to 8 cups of water per day for best results, or up to half your weight in ounces (meaning a 150 lb. person can drink up to 75oz). For every cup of caffeinated or alcoholic beverage consumed, add an additional cup of water.
Go for guacamole. Well, maybe eating a bunch of tortilla chips and guac every day isn’t the best beauty secret, but avocados are a great dietary choice for supporting healthy hair, skin and nails. The monounsaturated fatty acids in avocados are those “good fats” we love so much for their ability to help decrease bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol levels. Packed with antioxidants, fibre, potassium, magnesium and folate these nutritional powerhouses may actually aid the body in its absorption of nutrients from other foods. Check out these 49 healthy avocado recipes for mealtime inspiration.
Sleep on it. When it comes to beauty sleep, you’ll see the most benefit if you can get 7 to 9 hours of quality shuteye each night. As you sleep, your skin produces new collagen which helps repair skin and prevent sagging. If you’re getting five or less hours of sleep, your skin may be drier and fine lines may appear more visible. Enjoy more sleep and your skin will glow with the increased blood flow that occurs during slumber, your eyes will be less prone to dark circles or bags, your hair follicles will be stronger, and you’ll have more energy. People who have trouble falling or staying asleep because of shift work, jet lag or daylight savings time may benefit from a melatonin supplement to help keep their circadian rhythms in balance.
Sweat it out. It’s common knowledge that physical fitness is great for your heart, lungs, muscles and bones, but it turns out that skin has some skin in the game as well. When we exercise, the increased blood flow helps to nourish our skin cells and keep them vital. While this increased blood flow provides oxygen it also helps eliminate waste products and ease stress, all of which can cleanse and improve the appearance of skin from the inside out. From acne relief to a reduced appearance of wrinkles to stronger, healthier hair, getting fit can help you look and feel fabulous in many ways.
Supplement your beauty routine. Even if you do everything right most of the time – from diet to sleep habits to grooming to fitness, your body may still benefit from additional supplements. SISU Skin, Hair & Nails is one option to help nourish the body and inspire beauty from within. Utilizing the power of natural ingredients, including pure hyaluronic acid, this supplement helps promote vibrant skin, lustrous hair and strong nails. Other beauty-boosting supplement options include evening primrose oil, omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin C.
Looking beautiful has its charms, but feeling beautiful offers a real attraction. By taking care of your body and making healthy choices that support and enhance your natural fabulousness, you can radiate true beauty, from the inside out.

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