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  • Curry Quinoa Sweet Potato Wraps
    Posted on: May 8, 2019 Natural Food Pantry

    Curry Quinoa Sweet Potato Wraps

    Simply use leftover sweet potato or other veggies to make an easy on-the-go lunch, for a hike, picnic or even a busy day at work! The variety of textures used in these wraps won’t disappoint. Quinoa and the sweet potato can be made up to three days in advance and reheated to make the wraps lunch friendly.
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  • Protein Pasta with Maple Butternut Squash
    Posted on: March 4, 2019 Natural Food Pantry

    Protein Pasta with Maple Butternut Squash

    Vegan, Dairy free, Gluten-free, Soy free, VegetarianProtein pasta with Maple Butternut Squash is a healthy pasta that’s a quick and easy vegan dish with so many complementary flavors, textures and colors! Roasting or sauteing the butternut squash in maple syrup...

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  • Quinoa Burritos with Tahini Sauce
    Posted on: March 4, 2018 Bold Commerce Collaborator

    Quinoa Burritos with Tahini Sauce

    Here’s an amazing dish that’s portable and chock full of good flavours and ingredients. The combination of cooked quinoa, rice, and shredded vegetables is perfect for a mountain-biking expedition, backyard picnic, or the beach. It’s well worth the effort. The...

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  • Walnut Crusted Salmon with Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes
    Posted on: November 28, 2016 Natural Food Pantry

    Walnut Crusted Salmon with Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes

    Makes 4 servings. Ingredients:12 ounces of Wild Atlantic salmon fillet, skin removed2 cups broccoli florets3 cups sweet potato2 Tbsp. crushed walnuts1 1/3 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed1 tsp. dill seed½ fresh lemon ¼ cup reduced sodium soya sauceSea...

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  • Caprese Spelt Salad
    Posted on: September 1, 2015 Natural Food Pantry

    Caprese Spelt Salad

    This riff on the classic Italian salad features spelt, a chewy whole grain that delivers healthy amounts of dietary fibre. Cooking the grains in orange juice adds a touch of sweetness, while anchovies bring salty-umami flavour to the dressing. If...

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