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  • Pesto Keto Cauliflower Pizza
    Posted on: June 11, 2019 Natural Food Pantry

    Pesto Keto Cauliflower Pizza

    There’s nothing better than picking fresh basil from your garden, or finding the perfect leafy bunch at the farmer’s market. Whip together a batch of mouthwatering, homemade avocado oil pesto with that beautiful bunch of anise-flavored basil.

    Add in a cauliflower crust, fresh veggies, Primal Kitchen® Vegan Ranch, Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil and a top of mozzarella cheese, and you have yourself a low-carb, keto-friendly pizza party!
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  • Baked Avocado with Lundberg Wild Rice Salsa
    Posted on: August 7, 2018 Natural Food Pantry

    Baked Avocado with Lundberg Wild Rice Salsa

    Vegan, Gluten Free, Serves 8Ingredients:1 cup Lundberg Family Farms Organic Wild Rice Blend 4 Avocados2 medium tomatoes, diced small2 Tbsp. jalapeno, minced1-2 Tbsp. lime juice, (depending on volume of tomato) 1⁄4 cup red onion, minced2 tsp. fresh garlic, minced1⁄4 cup cilantro,...

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  • Chicken Ranchero Taco Bowls
    Posted on: June 13, 2018 Natural Food Pantry

    Chicken Ranchero Taco Bowls

    Makes 6 tacosIngredients:6 Udi’s Gluten Free Large Tortillas, softened. (To soften the tortillas, just stack them on a microwave-safe plate, cover and microwave until softened, about 30 seconds on high.)2 tablespoons olive oil1 onion, chopped1 bell pepper, seeded and chopped1...

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  • Eggplant Vegetable Pizza with Homemade Crust
    Posted on: March 1, 2017 Natural Food Pantry

    Eggplant Vegetable Pizza with Homemade Crust

    Ingredients:1 red bell pepper1 orange banana pepper, hot4 small eggplants (2 medium or 1 large)1 tbsp baker’s yeast1 tbsp WHOLESOME! ORGANIC SUCANAT1 cup warm water2 cups unbleached white flour1 1/2 tsp salt3 small leeks (2 medium or 1 large)3 tbsp...

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  • Olde World Pilaf Meatless “Meatloaf”
    Posted on: December 30, 2016 Natural Food Pantry

    Olde World Pilaf Meatless “Meatloaf”

    Try out this delicious meatless meatloaf that serves nine. Comfort food for vegetarians to enjoy in the cold weather, plus it's gluten free and vegan! Ingredients:1 1/2 cups Lundberg Family Farms Olde World Pilaf1 Tbsp. olive oil1/2 cup onion, chopped1/2 cup multi-colored...

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