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Top Tips for a Healthy Heart with Sea-licious Omega-3

Top Tips for a Healthy Heart with Sea-licious Omega-3

For prevention and general heart health, take 1 teaspoon (5 mL) of Sea-licious daily. For therapeutic use (elevated triglycerides), take 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of Sea-licious daily.

As a dietitian, Karlene Karst of Sealicious has counselled many individuals looking to improve their heart health. She recommends the following nutrition tips:

  1. Limit your intake of trans fats and red meat (one to two servings of red meat are suggested per week). Try to cut any excess fat from meat, or choose leaner cuts.
  2. Increase your consumption of fatty fish (at least two servings per week).
  3. When choosing culinary oils, use heart-healthy extra virgin olive oil or Veg-licious Camelina oil for salad dressings and as a garnish. Use coconut oil or camelina oil for medium- to high-heat cooking.
  4. Increase your consumption of dietary fiber. Fiber helps to mop up extra cholesterol from the blood, helps to balance blood sugar, provides a feeling of fullness, and helps shed extra weight.
  5. Enjoy your food baked or grilled and fry less often (when you do fry, make sure to match your oil with the smoke point and cooking application; for example, avocado, camelina, canola, peanut and sunflower oils are suitable for high-heat; almond, coconut and grapeseed oils are suitable for medium-high heat; olive oil is suitable for low to medium heat; and flaxseed, hazelnut, hemp seed, pumpkin seed and walnut oils are not suitable for heat at all).
  6. Choose low-sodium seasonings such as spices, herbs and lemon juice in cooking and at the table.
  7. Increase your consumption of antioxidant-rich foods (remember, antioxidants help to deactivate and absorb all the free radicals that damage cellular walls). Consume foods and beverages such as berries, dark green leafy veggies, citrus fruits, green tea and red wine.
  8. Eat fewer simple sugars; focus on fibrous carbohydrates only.
  9. Limit alcohol consumption (other than the occasional glass of red wine, which is loaded with heart-healthy resveratrol).
  10. Increase your consumption of anti-inflammatory foods, especially the spice turmeric.
  11. Exercise at least thirty minutes per day, five days per week.
  12. Use Sea-licious fish oil daily.

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