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Natural Food Pantry Ottawa

The Many Wonderful Reasons to Shop at The Natural Food Pantry


In today’s world health foods seem to be found everywhere, so why shop at a local health food store?  There are many reasons to make The Natural Food Pantry an integral part of how you feed yourself and your family.  Here are a few...

Meet the Owner

Natural Food Pantry owner Rick Payant is focused on bringing a positive experience to NFP customers through a wide array of health products, knowledgeable staff and educational opportunities. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Rick has a genuine passion for health and nutrition.  The NFP business was established in 1981 by Rick’s uncle Roger and to this day Rick strives to maintain a family-like environment within the NFP team with many family members including two of his sisters, his son, nephew and mother on board!  Throughout his thirty years as owner of NFP, Rick has been involved in supporting many local Ottawa businesses like the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Clinic, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, the Ottawa Senators and Ottawa 67’s. Rick’s values, integrity, passion, dedication and kindness are just some of the reasons that staff truly enjoy working at NFP.  As a true testament to this, many of the team members have been with the company for over a decade!

Friendly, Approachable, Knowledgeable Staff

When you walk into any of the five NFP store locations, you will be greeted by friendly, helpful staff who are willing to help you find what you are searching for.  Should you be looking for nutrition and supplement guidance, NFP always has a trained holistic nutrition advisor on staff to help you with your health concerns whether it be digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, inflammation, insomnia, stress or other conditions. We have many RHN’s (Registered Holistic Nutritionists) from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and CNP’s (Certified Nutritional Consultants from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition available to provide a listening ear as well as sound, professional recommendations to help you achieve your health goals. Our nutritionists are kept current through the frequent staff trainings provided by suppliers and educators.  NFP is a place for anyone at any stage of their health journey.  We are here to help.  Don’t be shy to ask!

Unique, High-Quality, Healthy Products

Whether it’s food, supplements, home cleaning products or body care, The Natural Food Pantry managers and team members are dedicated to stocking an array of the highest quality, health promoting products on the market today. Jo-Ann Payant, buyer loves to explore new products and states: “"We take pride in stocking our shelves with items that come from companies with integrity, sustainability, and quality in their products."  Regular meetings are held to review and approve all products that are brought into the store.  NFP strives to support its community by carrying products from many local and Canadian businesses and growers, small and large. We also listen closely to our customers and work hard to provide what our customers are looking for.  Whether you are looking for organic, GMO free, gluten free or dairy free, keto, vegan, or paleo, we have what you need!  If the store you typically shop at does not have a particular product in stock, it can often be transferred from another location or the warehouse during our regular weekly transfers.  NFP also offers online shopping which provides a convenient, accessible opportunity for local as well as distant customers to shop from home!  The online store offers free shipping within Canada on orders over $75.00.  Some exclusions apply. 

Special Event Days and Educational Events (Virtual)

Customers love our many exciting events days such as  “Ten times your Points Day” for card holder members and “Gift Card Days” which offer a $100.00 gift card for $80.00. Check our calendar to see what’s coming up in the store nearest you!

Built upon the foundation of knowledge, service and community is the NFP Education Initiative.  The goal of this initiative is to deliver informative, engaging and inspiring learning opportunities such as webinars, workshops, programs and videos to the community.  Leading this exciting endeavor is Natasha Villeneuve CNP who’s passion and mission is to bring awareness and education to the customers and to society as a whole.  Natasha believes that education is the key to health.  The NFP Education Initiative has successfully hosted hundreds of presenters since January 2017 including many reputable, practitioners such as Dr Kate Rheaum N.D., Selina Rose R.H.N., Dr Sarah Vadaboncoeur N.D., Cyrus Kuhzarani of PureLab vitamins and Alain Menard of Green Beaver. As the lead of the education initiative, Natasha herself offers various health and nutrition webinars, programs and online NIA dance fitness classes.  Attendees are loving the opportunity to learn, connect and gain inspiration and are looking forward to all that is to come!  Keep your eye out for new events, videos, blogs and recipes each month.  To find out what opportunities are coming up, subscribe to our newsletters, check out our events page or find us on social media.

Blog Written by Natasha Villeneuve C.N.P.

Education Lead at NFP




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