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A New Year A New You with Dr. Joel Villeneuve, ND

Walk and Talk Nutrition at Natural Food Pantry

Wednesday, January 18th @ 6pm - Westboro
Thursday, January 19th @ 6pm - Billings Bridge
Wednesday, February 1st @ 6pm - Kanata


Learn about the Power Foods which are the foundational to healthy living and balanced wellness as well as how to incorporate them into your eating plan.

Dr Joël is a naturopathic doctor who is passionate about empowering natural health. She has had the privilege of over 25 years of working with clients ranging from newborns with colic; kids with attention deficit disorder; teens with acne and digestive conditions; adults who want to know if they should go “gluten free” and those who are wondering why they are gaining weight and if hormones are right for them. She has recently been awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” for her contribution to health and wellness.  She is recognized for her roles as an integrative doctor, personal trainer, key option leader, entrepreneur, TV producer & host Revivelife™ TV, media personality, professional educator and national speaker with over 20 years of experience in The Health Care Industry.

Dr. Dr. Joël is the founder, clinical director and CEO of The Revivelife™ Clinic, which is one of the region’s largest providers of integrated health services, working in alliance with medical doctors, businesses, the fitness industry and government bodies to promote optimal wellness. Dr. Dr. Joël has supported thousands of patients to optimal health with her vision is to inspire vitality, balance, and empowerment in all. She loves nutrition and to cook, sharing her “secrets” to living a long life with better energy, “glow” and vitality in her new book “Power Foods 101” in which a portion of the proceeds are donated to The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation (ORCF). Dr. Joël believes that health starts right here right now with your mind shift and taking action today. She is a community leader founding “Blast Off To Kids Wellness” and supports many other local charities. She is the Culinary Chair for Bust a Move. Dr. Joël appears regularly in the media with appearances on CTV Morning Live, CTV News at Noon, Rogers TV, Revivelife™ TV, CBC News, and CJOH. She is a sought out speaker, author and expert in nutrition, hormones and metabolism.

You can find her “wisdoms” on her blog at www.revivelife.ca , www.drjoel.ca and www.powerfoods101.com.

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