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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $75 *exclusions apply
Oct 13 or 16 Online Workshop: Wisdom and Wanderlust - Your time to Pause and Renew

Oct 13 or 16 Online Workshop: Wisdom and Wanderlust - Your time to Pause and Renew

With Tania Carriere of Advivum Journeys
Tues Oct 13th 7-8:30pm
Fri Oct 16th 12-1:30pm


Before Covid-19, an afternoon spa, get-away weekend, sun-filled trip or once in a lifetime adventure was how we paused, rebalanced, healed our weary souls and re-ignited our imaginations.  Journeys change the way we think about our life, our dreams and our work - things we need now more than ever.  Want to recapture this feeling of discovery and renewal despite being grounded?  Join us for a virtual workshop that will leave you renewed, inspired and one step closer to living your Best Life.  An hour and a half with us will feel like a day away!

Join us and: 

  • Feel recharged and energized - create a pause in your busy day for wonder and discovery
  • Experience a full participation workshop - you’ll create your own renewal through journaling, storytelling, workshop exercises, and discovery conversations in break out groups 
  • Connect with a community just like you - the best part of travelling is the friends we make along the way
  • Develop a daily practice that will keep you grounded while fueling your creativity and resilience.

For more information, click here: https://www.advivumjourneys.ca/wanderlust

With a passion for helping others live their best lives, Tania integrates a background in psychology, executive coaching, leadership development and theatre acting to create transformative experiences of celebration and possibility that leave you boldly striding towards your best life. Each of her retreats, virtual or on-location, is a journey of wonderment, discovery and ultimately change. When she is not hosting retreats, you’ll find her travelling (over 77 countries and counting), writing or trying out a new vegan recipe.




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