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Nov 29: NFP Holiday Ladies Night Speakers & Food Demos

Nov 29: NFP Holiday Ladies Night Speakers & Food Demos

Join us on Thurs Nov 29th at NFP Barrhaven for our 2nd Ladies Night of the year.  This time it's holiday themed! Bring your friends and join us for food, demos, prizes, giveaways, music, facials, massage and presentations.  Registration is recommended for the following 3 events:


5:30pm  Happy Holidays! Avoid Emotional Eating During The Holidays

With Lindsay Mustard CNP

“I’ll start in the New Year.”   “It’s Christmas, treat yourself!”   “Everyone is indulging, I deserve it too!”

If you’re tired of eating your way through the holidays and waking up in the new year to find your clothes uncomfortable and your confidence down the drain, this workshop is for you! Lindsay is a Holistic Nutritionist and recovered binge eater who has been in your shoes and is here to help get you through the holidays. Her realistic and implementable strategies and tips will help you end emotional eating in its track and keep you slim and trim throughout the holiday season!

You will learn:

-Foods to crush sugar cravings

-Beating the binge - catching it, stopping it and what to do after it happens

-Lindsay’s best-kept secret to avoid weight gain over the holidays while sticking to your wellness goals, all whilst eating foods that you love!

Lindsay is an Ottawa based Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor with a passion for health and fitness. She is currently studying to become an Osteopathic Practitioner at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton in addition to running her own private nutrition practice. Lindsay works with clients to craft their unique plan that is tailored to their specific health goals using a natural, whole food and supplement approach. Her energy and enthusiasm for nutrition will persuade you to give kale a try and you might even end up liking it!

6:30pm  It’s a Keto Miracle: Desserts, Drinks & Hacks to Survive the Holidays for the whole family

With Genevieve Castonguay of Goddess Gains

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the kitchen, the scent of baked goods was wafting, it’s a holiday tradition. The eggnog and cocktails were poured to perfection, but no sugar in sight, and not a single objection.

How can this be? Can you survive a holiday…SUGAR FREE?

The answer is YES. Ketogenic lifestyle coach and personal trainer, Genevieve ‘Keto Goddess’ Castonguay, is here to provide recipes and hacks for the holidays to satisfy even the pickiest relatives and children!

You will discover:

  •      Low Carb Twists on Classic Desserts
  •      Keto Beverages & Cocktail Recipes
  •      HACKS to Avoid Temptations
  •      Sample Delicious Treats

Stay happy and healthy for you and your family this season!

Genevieve created Goddess Gains from her passion for fitness, for feminism, and for the intrinsic belief that we all deserve to feel worthy, to be enough, and to regain control of our own health – mind, body and soul. Goddess Gains is on a mission to inspire women to unlock the dormant potential within themselves through empowerment and cultivating a healthy mind first. Customized fitness programs, balanced nutrition plans, and continual knowledge will help you achieve your goals!

7:30pm  Healthy Holiday, Snow Problem! Food Demo

With Jenni and Jordan from Caven Nutrition Group

Holiday planning giving you the shivers? We'll melt them away with some simple, adaptable and delicious recipes to share with friends and family. We'll demonstrate 3 recipes that are sure to delight you and become part of your holiday repertoire. We'll look at how these foods will help provide you with proper nutrition so you have the energy to make it to all the festive gatherings on your agenda!You will discover:

-How to warm you up with holidays drinks that are less sugary but just as tasty

-Create a dessert that is going to become a favourite even after the holidays

-Make main dish that will be full of colour using a few of our seasonal winter foods in Canada!

Jenni Beharry is a team member of Caven Nutrition Group working as a Nutrition & Weight Loss Counselor. Jenni focuses on one on one counselling with people to make lifestyle changes and by adding in new foods, she hopes to inspire people to take control of their health at any age. Empowering people with the knowledge to heal and help themselves is one of her major goals.

Jordan Fudge is a certified Nutritional Practitioner, graduating from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition with honours. She has an innate love for helping others, a passion for delicious and nutritious food and a desire to lead a healthy and holistic lifestyle. Through her work at Caven Nutrition, Jordan strives to promote health and happiness through the goodness of food. Health is possible for everyone!

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