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Nov 1:  THE KETOGENIC DIET:  What is it and Why eating Healthy Fat will Optimize your Body!

Nov 1: THE KETOGENIC DIET: What is it and Why eating Healthy Fat will Optimize your Body!

With Genevieve Castonguay aka Keto Goddess – Owner/Certified Personal Trainer, Goddess Gains

Wed Nov 1st 6:30pm - NFP Billings Bridge


Are you curious about the ketogenic diet and how eating healthy fats, moderate proteins and low carbohydrates can benefit you? Are you wondering if this lifestyle is right for you? Come and join us for an informative talk about the benefits of the ketogenic lifestyle and how using healthy fats as your main fuel source will benefit your body, brain, and muscle. We will look at all the latest research that is being done by leading Doctors and Scientists and we will dispel any misconceptions that you may have about this diet. You will learn about what foods to eat, what foods to avoid and what supplements will help you with your goals.

Attendees will learn:

-What the Ketogenic lifestyle involves and its history

-The many health benefits including fat loss, increased energy, focus and brain health

-Ketones related to fitness: Brain & Muscle Fuel

-Science-based research: Learn what the doctors who support keto have to say plus clinical results and addressing concerns

-How to get started on the diet and how to optimize your transition – optimal healthy fats to eat and supplements to use  

-A typical ketogenic meal plan – foods to eat, foods to avoid, macro content and meal ideas

Attendees will get to sample delicious fat bombs, will receive keto recipes like Bulletproof coffee and a Free 21 day meal plan for signing up for our ketogenic newsletter

Genevieve: At 30 years old, Genevieve created Goddess Gains from her passion for fitness, for feminism, and for the intrinsic belief that we all deserve to feel worthy, to be enough, and to regain control of our own health – mind, body and soul. If she could form a community of likeminded individuals who uplift one another and share in this journey together that can potentially change the negative perspective of even one person – it would be worth the effort. Genevieve  has conquered thyroid cancer, was awarded an editorial columnist position for an international webzine, taught the Maasai tribe in Kenya, founded the local chapter of a women empowerment non-profit “I Am That Girl”, wrote e-books for the Senate of Canada, competed and placed in bikini fitness competitions, is the co-host of Parliament Hill Bootcamp, a fervent keto advocate and has worked in marketing and sales for the past decade.

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