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5:00-5:45pm:  OICC presents:  Hormone Harmony from Menstrual to Menopausal  

6:00-6:45pm:  I of the Storm Coaching presents: The Power of Connection 

7:00-7:30pm:  GAIA Wellness presents: A Sacred Sound Healing Session

7:45-8:30pm:  NFP presents: For the Love of Chocolate



5:00pm  Hormone Harmony from Menstrual to Menopausal

The basics on managing female hormone fluctuations throughout the life cycle

With Dr Adrienne Junek of Ottawa Integrative Cancer Clinic (OICC)

This talk will discuss natural female hormone cycling physiology and delve into simple solutions for common and uniquely female situations: namely, menstrual and menopausal issues.  This talk will review therapies that can be obtained through your doctor or naturopath and, most importantly, your own self. Dr Junek will then be available at the OICC table to answer any further questions about female hormonal issues.

Dr Adrienne Junek completed her MD at the University of Toronto in 2013. In 2017, she completed a fellowship in integrative medicine through the University of Arizona and is currently pursuing training in functional medicine. She is board-certified in integrative medicine, and has been practicing as an integrative medicine consultant at the OICC since 2018.

Dr Junek offers integrative medicine consultations by physician referral to patients in the community. She strives to offer patients a full range of therapeutic modalities including conventional medications, herbal products, supplements, mind-body techniques and lifestyle counselling. Dr Junek works in conjunction with the patient’s naturopath, family doctor, or specialists to treat conditions such as IBS/IBD, anxiety/depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, hashimoto's thyroiditis, menstrual or menopausal symptoms, and many other conditions. She works at the OICC and helps coordinate certain aspects of cancer care provided by the clinic’s naturopathic doctors.

6:00pm  The Power of Connection - Sifting Through the Chatter

With Lisa J Weiss of I of the Storm Coaching and Consulting

Connection is the key to every relationship. The one we have with ourself, the people in our life, and with the food we eat.

Do you feel the weight of responsibility to make the ‘right’ choices for you and your family? 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there? 

Join us as we explore:

-Two things that might be preventing you from engaging with your food and healthy living choices from a place of deep connection.

-The power of our words, and the intentions we hold.

-The power of the questions we ask ourselves. 

Lisa J. Weiss, founder of I of the Storm Coaching & Consulting, is the creator of the LeaderSELF Coaching Circle™ and the CONNECT™ Program for Men. She is a speaker and Inspired Living Coach who believes when a touch magic and a dash of the quantum science is infused with intentional breath it creates an elixir that results in transformation from the inside out. Her super power is detecting how the words we use connect us to our choices, and our external expression of SELF.

7:00   Sacred Sound Healing Session: A musical journey with therapeutic healing power  

With Billie Lynn Hillis of GAIA Wellness Retreat

The body’s absorption of harmonic frequencies is similar to the 
nourishment it receives from food. Sound is not just heard with the ears; 
it is felt with every sense and absorbed on physical, mental, emotional, 
and spiritual levels.

Sound Healing is a deeply relaxing and harmonizing experience, recommended for many types of physical ailments and emotional or psychological issues. Participants experience very deep relaxation, a profound sense of inner harmony and most clients report relief from chronic pain and stress. 

During a Sacred Sound Healing Session, singing bowls, gongs, bells, chimes, and other musical instruments nurture us with powerful, positive vibrations. Harmonic resonance has a profound effect on the cells, organs, tissues, as well as the circulatory, metabolic and endocrine systems. Sound Healing vitalizes these systems with sound's medicinal nutrients.

Billie Lynn Hillis is the Co-Founder and Director of Gaia Wellness Retreat.  She is a Spiritual Therapist, Meditation Teacher, Certified Reiki & Sound Healer. Billie has many years of experience teaching Kundalini, Hatha, Yin Yoga as well as Beyond Addictions Yoga. She is currently completing certification in Compassionate Inquiry Therapy.

Gaia Wellness is committed to providing a tranquil escape into nature for people to take time away for themselves, to connect authentically with others and to awaken on their path to personal freedom. Gaia Wellness Retreat is nestled on 55-acres of forested property just 15 minutes north of Wakefield, Quebec. Corporate/ Group Rentals, Workshops, Personal Transformation Retreats & Mindfulness Programs for all ages, Weddings, Events, Cabin Rentals, Camping, and Private Functions. 

7:45pm  For the Love of Chocolate - An Exploration of Sensual Foods

With Holistic Nutritionist Natasha Villeneuve of Natural Food Pantry

Chocolate has been linked to love and romance, desire and sensuality for centuries.  But what is the truth behind chocolate and other sensual foods?

Join us to discover which delicious foods might elevate libido, energy and passion.

This conversation will include a simple dark chocolate food demonstration and tasting that all chocolate lovers will not want to miss!

Natasha Villeneuve, Holistic Nutritionist is the Lead and Educator of the Natural Food Pantry Education Initiative.  Natasha is dedicated to educating, guiding and empowering people toward optimal health and well-being. With over nineteen years in the health and wellness industry, Natasha has gained a positive reputation within the community as a nutritional consultant, speaker and workshop facilitator and has provided nutrition and health presentations for various businesses, corporations and events.  Natasha's main focus and interest is in the areas of digestion, mindful eating, mental health, and women’s health.

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