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May 21: Posture Improvement

May 21: Posture Improvement

With Sarah Zahab

Tuesday May 21, 1-2pm - NFP Barrhaven


Do you have forward head posture?  Shoulders rounded in? Tight hips or weak back muscles?  Improving posture can have many benefits including decreased strain and pain on the joints and surrounding musculature, enhanced muscle coordination and activation, improved performance and more.  Perfect your alignment and improve your overall health and function by learning strategies to optimize posture. Learn exercises to help strengthen postural stabilizers and stretches to help improve mobility in the back, chest and shoulders.  

Attendees will learn:

- The importance of good posture

- Strategies to help improve posture

- Exercises to help strengthen muscles involved in holding proper posture

- Stretches to help improve mobility in areas that impede proper posture

Sarah Zahab is a Registered Kinesiologist, Certified Exercise Physiologist, Neurokinetic Therapy® practitioner, fitness presenter and group fitness instructor.  She is the owner of Continuum Fitness and Movement Performance Inc. in Westboro Ottawa, a personal coaching studio offering one on one coaching instruction and athletic therapy services.  Sarah is a former international fitness competitor and was fortunate to represent Canada at the Ms Fitness World competition 4 times. She is the creator of the Prenatal and Postnatal Strength workout DVDs available on amazon.com.  She presents fitness workshops at conferences in Canada and is a nationally ranked race walker.

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