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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $79 *exclusions apply
Apr 1: Everyday Eats - Batch Cooking for Time-Starved Healthy Eaters

Apr 1: Everyday Eats - Batch Cooking for Time-Starved Healthy Eaters

Monday April 1st 6:00pm - NFP Westboro  REGISTER

With Selina Rose RHN

If you feel your weekly meal routine could use a kick-start, this workshop is for you. Whether you have “no time to cook,” or just don’t like being in the kitchen, Selina Rose will teach you how healthy eating can take as little time as possible. This workshop is perfect for busy professionals, or parents who want to maximize their energy and time outside of the kitchen. You’ll learn time-saving tips and how to re-purpose simple ingredients so you’re not eating the same thing all week. Come prepared to revamp your weekly meal routine and discover healthy add-ons to make your weekly meal planning a success!

You’ll learn:

- How to prep healthy weeknight meals in 25 minutes or less.

-The secrets behind making meal plans that work and that you’ll stick to, even if you’ve been unsuccessful in the past.

- A simple time-saving technique for re-purposing healthy ingredients so you won’t get bored eating the same thing every day.

One lucky winner will receive a hardcopy of Selina’s Everyday Eats Cookbook ($40 value) which has helped thousands of people make quick and delicious meals every week in their own homes.

Selina Rose Bio:

Selina’s philosophy for food and life is holistic. She makes a healthy holistic lifestyle approachable for the busy professionals she works with. An author, Holistic Nutritionist, yoga teacher, and Integrative Nutrition Health expert, Selina brings many disciplines to her work. She is interviewed regularly on CTV, and always enjoys a good conversation via podcast or radio.

Selina’s book, online programs and courses have helped thousands of people transform their health by managing stress, teaching them to adopt a new mindset toward their bodies, food and dieting.

Connect with Selina on social media – Instagram: @selinarose.inc Facebook: Selina Rose Inc.

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