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Mar 22: Combating Anxiety & PTSD - Evolving Through our Own Mental Health

Mar 22: Combating Anxiety & PTSD - Evolving Through our Own Mental Health

Thursday March 22nd 6:30pm - NFP Kanata

With Parul Shah MSP, RSW  and Kelly Maia Agnew CNP


Anxiety is not always dressed the same

You exist in an environment of brothers and sisters in similar uniforms and the honour of serving a higher calling, but it's not without hidden dangers. The separation from your family and loved ones and the trauma of work or war can also be the cause of great anxiety and mental stress. It's common for service men and women to have feelings of fear, anger, sadness and worry.

This workshop is geared toward first responders, veterans, military and their families dealing with or struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Injuries, Occupational Stress Injuries, work related trauma

This workshop will discuss:

  • Pre, During and Post Deployment Anxiety         

  • Impact of Anxiety on Relationships; Partnering and loving those with anxiety

  • Understanding triggers and recognizing pre-triggers

  • Tools & Techniques to manage anxiety as a team

  • The impact that food choices can have on preexisting mental health conditions

  • How to use nutrition as a tool to manage anxiety, mood and mental health

Parul Shah MSP, RSW, is a privately owned Psychotherapist in the Ottawa area, focusing mainly on frontline personnel dealing with PTSD, anxiety, depression or anyone dealing with various traumas. The true understanding of frontline trauma often results either from self-experience or from living with someone who has a Mental Health Injury.  Parul has over 20 years of experience in the Mental Health Field. Parul is also a co-facilitator for A Peer Family based group called First Responders Family Resiliency Support Group Ottawa .

Kelly Maia Agnew is an Ottawa-based holistic nutritionist focused on supporting women through life’s big moments and during the in-between. After experiencing burnout twice in her life, she has learned how to achieve optimal health through diet and lifestyle changes. Today she works with women around the world, helping them become their healthiest and happiest selves by focusing on nutrition, stress management and hormone support. Kelly also runs a 6-week program called Burnt out to Balanced, perfect for women who feel overwhelmed and exhausted and are looking to feel reenergized and empowered.

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