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Jan 6 Vision Board Workshop:  Leap into 2023 with Insight, Clarity and Direction!

Jan 6 Vision Board Workshop: Leap into 2023 with Insight, Clarity and Direction!

Create a healthy, fulfilling year - Leap into 2023 with focus, direction and clear intentions!

Do you have dreams, wishes, and desires for a fulfilling year in 2023?  Vision boards are a fun, creative and effective way to gain clarity and direction, set your focus and move toward the goals you deserve to achieve! 

Join powerful life coach, Tina D'Angelo for a two-hour workshop that will guide you through the powerful process of crafting a vision board.  A vision board is wonderful visualization tool that activates the universal law of attraction which allows you to begin manifesting your dreams into reality. This workshop will lead you through mindful practices allowing you to develop greater awareness and clarity about your goals, as well as limiting beliefs that might be getting in the way. You will be guided on how to manifest your desires. Put your dreams into the cosmic kitchen and trust how your orders turn into fruition!

Friday January 6th, 6:00-8:30pm


•Develop awareness of your goals through a powerful meditation

•Understand and develop your desires in 4 main areas of your life

•Learn key principles for attracting your desires including affirmations

•Manifest your dreams through the creation of a vision board

As a workshop registrant, you may choose to take notes and make your board afterward, or you may attend with supplies ready to begin crafting your vision board on Canva or any other digital platform, or on Bristol board/canvas or any other product.  When making a physical board, you will require: a board, scissors, glue, stickers, affirmation cards, markers, embellishments, photos, words of inspiration or any other materials that bring you inspiration.

Workshop includes: Guided Handbook

Tina empowers and leads people to live their healthiest, most authentic and prosperous selves through her passion as seasoned Well-Being Transformational Life Coach. Her high frequency energy is deeply rooted from a place of LOVE and she is blessed to inspire and support you to live an abundant life designed with balance in mind, body and spirit. Tina carry over 25+ years of experience in wellness circle. She is the owner of HealthStyles Consulting, a versatile consultant, compassionate coach and mentor who embodies and specializes in the areas of corporate fitness and wellness management, transformational self-growth workshops, wellness retreats, group and personal fitness and wellness programs, life coaching, nutrition, yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

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