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Feb 8:  Fermented Gut Support: A Living Ecosystem in a Capsule!

Feb 8: Fermented Gut Support: A Living Ecosystem in a Capsule!

By Graham Botfield of Living Alchemy

Thursday Feb 8th 6:30pm, NFP Billings Bridge


With our greater understanding of the digestive microbiome, probiotics are about to be usurped by the more complete and holistic approach of Living Culture Symbiotics in supporting the gut flora.  Graham Botfield, the founder and formulator of Living Alchemy, explains how Living Culture Symbiotics provide a fermented whole food matrix of microbes, enzymes and nutrients within a complete living ecosystem. You will also learn how unique compounds produced through fermentation encourage the seeding and colonization of beneficial microbes, whilst creating a healthy terrain and environment within the digestive tract.

Join Graham to learn:

- How your unique gut microbiome affects your overall health

- How Living Alchemy's Your Flora products build a healthy digestive ecosystem

- About Living Alchemy's innovative fermentation process that uses 35 strains of therapeutic micro-organisms

- Which of the six Your Flora products will specifically address your digestive concerns

Gift Basket Prize give-away to one lucky winner!

Graham Botfield is the founder and formulator of Living Alchemy, a new Canadian company producing innovative kefir-kombucha fermented supplements. He has 12 years of experience as a nutritional therapist, lecturer and researcher, and has represented various international whole food supplement brands as their UK and European head of education.

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