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Feb 23 & 26 Online Workshop:  Can You Be a Rebel in your own Life?

Feb 23 & 26 Online Workshop: Can You Be a Rebel in your own Life?

Tuesday Feb 23rd 7:00pm OR Friday Feb 26th, 12:00pm 

With Tania Carriere of Advivum Journeys

Click HERE for more information and registration 

Colour outside the lines! 

Eat dessert first!

We worry so much about making mistakes or doing things wrong that we rarely take the time to challenge "who made up all the rules in the first place?” What if you broke a few of the rules that no longer serve you? Stop holding yourself back! Erase “can’t”  and shouldn’t” from your vocabulary and see what opens up!! Come and rekindle your inner rebel and refresh your motivational toolkit in this creative mini-retreat.

This 1.5-hour guided retreat is a time-out in your chaotic day to explore and renew. The result is a felt sense of both inspiration and grounding

* This fun, online workshop includes storytelling, break out groups, journaling and creative personal development exercises.

* Connect with a community just like you - inspiration comes when we meet other journeyers asking themselves the same questions

* Develop a daily practice that will keep you grounded while fueling your creativity and resilience.

 This virtual 1.5 hour workshop will leave you renewed, inspired and one step closer to living your Best Life. All are welcome. 

This field trip is free of charge, but does require registration as space is limited. 

Tania Carriere

With a passion for helping others live their best lives, Tania integrates a background in psychology, executive coaching, leadership development and theatre acting to create transformative experiences of celebration and possibility that leave you boldly striding towards your best life. Each of her retreats, virtual or on-location, is a journey of wonderment, discovery and ultimately change. When she is not hosting retreats, you’ll find her travelling (over 77 countries and counting), writing or trying out a new vegan recipe.



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