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Dec 4: Transitioning to a Plant-Based Lifestyle

Dec 4: Transitioning to a Plant-Based Lifestyle

With Deb Gleason

Wed Dec 4, 7-8pm - NFP Barrhaven


Power up with plants as you step into a new and abundant world of eating. Adding plant-based foods to your daily diet has an immediate impact on your body, and goes a long way toward positively transforming your health. This presentation will take the mystery out of finding and preparing exciting, delicious, and nourishing plant-based meals. Deb will share her easy tips and tricks for the plant-powered kitchen so you can get started in your own kitchen right away. If you are ready for a spark to ignite your personal exploration into plant-based living while increasing your energy and vitality this talk is for you. 

-Learn about how to easily replace animal protein with plant-based sources

-Learn how to replace dairy products, eggs and meat in your day to day meals

-Learn tips & tricks for creating fast, delicious and healthy plant-based meals 

-Enjoy a cooking demonstration where Deb will show you how to make creamy cashew milk for your tea, coffee, cereal and baking with just two ingredients.

Participants will be entered into a draw to win Deb’s 30 Day Plant Powered Menu Plan. This delicious and easy plan includes handy tips, charts, 30 days worth of delicious and simple recipes, and weekly shopping lists.

Deb Gleason is a former homicide detective turned certified holistic nutritionist and vegan lifestyle coach. She offers group cooking classes, corporate and private workshops, and individual nutrition coaching services. In 2018 Deb published her first cookbook, The Vegan Comfort Kitchen: Simple, Delicious and Deeply Satisfying Plant-Based Recipes and her latest book, For The Love Of Vegan Cooking: Fresh & Easy Recipes To Make Your Tummy Swoon was published in April 2019. Deb has also produced and hosted a 13-episode vegan cooking show called, Plant-Powered Kitchen with a TV station in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Deb offers fun, life-changing experiences that inspire critical thought, confidence, and vitality. Drawing from her many years of leadership and coaching experience, she works with individuals and groups to show them how delicious, nourishing, and easy, plant-based food choices can be. More information about her body of work can be found at

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