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Apr 27 WEBINAR:  Do you need to Strengthen your Immune System?

Apr 27 WEBINAR: Do you need to Strengthen your Immune System?

Monday April 27th 1pm EDT
Presented by Rhiannon Lytle of Organika

No two bodies are alike – and the same goes for our immune systems! Should you be boosting your immune system or building it? Find out during Organika & Natural Food Pantry’s “Do You Need to Strengthen Your Immune System?” webinar! You'll hear from Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Rhiannon Lytle about how your immune system actually works, and practical everyday steps to help it function at its best.

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Rhiannon is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist based in Vancouver, BC. While her clients can vary day-to-day, she loves to focus on hormones, digestion and mental health (especially how they're all so interconnected!). Rhiannon is also the co-host of Organika's wellness podcast, The Enhanced Life, along with co-host (and Organika CEO) Aaron Chin.

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