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Apr 22: WEBINAR - Core 4 for Staying Healthy and Strong

Apr 22: WEBINAR - Core 4 for Staying Healthy and Strong

Wednesday April 22nd, 1:00-2:00pm

Health and wellness starts with a solid foundation. What you eat impacts how you get sick and how quickly you can recover.

Join this webinar to Learn:

  1. The link between gut health and immunity
  2. How super nutrients can protect you
  3. The one factor that keeps every cell strong
  4. How to fill nutritional gaps
  5. The number one vitamin every Canadian can use

With Educator Tammy Strome of Body Plus.

Each attendee who listens to the duration of the webinar will be gifted a code for a 20% discount to featured products sold in our NFP online store!

To register, visit :

Active in the Fitness, Health & Wellness industry as a consultant, coach, speaker and writer for over 18 years…Tammy is obsessed with human potential and helping people level up their lives.  She is former Canadian Figure Champion, retired IFBB Pro & elite contest prep, performance and body transformation coach. She transitioned, as her experience and knowledge grew, to a holistic transformation and mindset mastery coach. Tammy is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with degrees in Kinesiology and Nutrition.  As a lifelong learner she holds numerous other certifications and is always growing. Tammy’s areas of specialty are hormonal and metabolic health, cognitive optimization, stress resilience, emotional health, peak performance for athletes and achievers and bio hacking for health, performance and happiness.


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