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Online NIA with Natasha at Natural Food Pantry

Holistic health requires nourishing wholesome food, movement, rest and a healthy mind-body-spirit connection. Natasha offers the whole package through wellness consultations, health education and NIA dance-fitness classes online at Natural Food Pantry.

NIA fitness classes are cardio-dance infused, easy to follow, non-low impact classes danced barefoot to soulful music and are truly for ANY body! Although NIA classes are choreographed, you are encouraged to find joy and pleasure in movement by sensing and moving in your body’s way by adapting to what feels comfortable for you. NIA builds body confidence, balances the nervous system, promotes fitness, health and wellbeing, and nourishes the soul. The delivery of Natasha’s NIA classes begins with a short reflection to encourage presence and mind-body connection, then transitions into the movement practice and ends with a short, guided relaxation or reflection. Absolutely everyone is welcome. No dance experience is necessary. Come as you are! 

  • Health and Healing
  • Mind-Body Connection: sense of centeredness, body awareness, calm and joy
  • Improved physical fitness: cardio, strength, stability, mobility, flexibility and agility
  • Improved energy, digestion and metabolism
  • Reduced inflammation, pain and tension
  • Improved stress resilience and mental health
  • Improved coordination, focus, concentration, mood
  • Body love, appreciation and gratitude

Class Fees: $15.00/ single class, $65.00 5 classes (valid for 2 months), $120.00 for 10 classes (valid for 4 months), $280.00 6 months, $500 12 months

Spring Online Classes: 

Thursdays 12:00-1:00pm

Class recordings available upon request for 24 hours – regular class rates apply 

Registration Steps: Purchase a class or class pack HERE
Email Natasha to obtain zoom link:

Natasha's Nia Journey

I discovered the incredible practice of NIA in 2017 and instantly fell in love with all aspects of it. My body, mind and spirit had been craving a movement practice that incorporated uplifting music, body connection and awareness, community and dance...and I found it! As a holistic nutritionist with a passion for health, I truly value the mind-body connection and recognize the critical importance of joyful movement for optimal health and well-being.

In 2019 I decided to leap into an intensive white belt training so that I could explore NIA further and share the benefits of NIA with others. What I experienced during the training was magical. Not only did we move, we also discovered, explored, played, felt, released, and connected. Since the training, I have been practicing NIA regularly and have noticed improvements in my energy, focus, mood, strength, and health. NIA leaves me feeling healthy, centered, grounded and joyful. I hope you will join me in my NIA at NFP classes! Natasha Villeneuve, Holistic Nutritionist is the lead of The Natural Food Pantry Education Initiative and is a licensed NIA Blue belt instructor.
For questions or inquiries, please contact Natasha at

What people say about NIA with Natasha:

"I wanted to send a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your NIA class. I had never heard of it before, and was not really sure if I was going to attend. It was AMAZING ❤ You are really good at getting this whole healing vibe across, you made it cool and so not cheesy (sorry all respect to those other classes), the music was really engaging and well I think it was something I didn't know I needed, so thank you again very much." Vanessa F

 "I'm not sporty nor a dancer but knew at 55 that I wanted and needed to get moving. I wanted a fun way that I didn't dread. Along came Natasha and NIA! I left each class smiling, feeling more agile and completely accepted and encouraged to move in my own way... at my own speed and level." Carolyn M

 "This is the only movement/exercise form I've found since my accident that doesn't hurt!" Debra J

 "What a fun and unique class! There's something really inviting about your class. I've always held back when it comes to dance but today I felt totally unrestricted and so free! I loved every minute of it!" Natalie S