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Campfire Bananas

Campfire Bananas

An easy, chocolatey, and delicious dessert that's not only delicious but fun for the whole family to gather around the fire and make! This recipe isn't just a yummy treat, but a memory in the making.

3-4 yellow bananas (not too ripe)
Handful of Enjoy Life chocolate chips
Handful of vegan mini marshmallows

Preheat grill or campfire if desired
Slice the bananas about a ¼ inch deep down the middle. Use your fingers to pull the peel and banana slightly apart.
Stuff the boats with Enjoy Life chocolate chips and vegan mini marshmallows.
Place each banana on a square (12 inches) of aluminum foil. Wrap the bananas up from the bottom to the top, crimping the top so there’s a little space between the banana and the foil.
Cook by placing the bananas directly on grill grates or on warm coals that no longer have an active flame. Cook for about 5 minutes, then remove with tongs.
The bananas can be eaten directly out of the peel, or scooped out into a bowl. Enjoy!

This recipe was sourced from enjoylifefoods.com

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