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Sep 22: NFP Family Day Speakers - Healthy Lunches; Mindfulness for kids; Brain Foods!

Sep 22: NFP Family Day Speakers - Healthy Lunches; Mindfulness for kids; Brain Foods!

Saturday Sept 22 - NFP Barrhaven (Event runs from 10-3)

10:30 - Planning and Packing Healthy Lunches  REGISTER

12:00 - Gaia Mindful Moments for Kids (and families)  REGISTER

1:30 - Brain Boosting Tips for Success!  REGISTER


Planning and Packing Healthy Lunches

With Natasha Villeneuve CNP of Natural Food Pantry


When it comes to our kids, we all know that nutrition is critical for energy, growth and overall health. Join Natasha, Holistic Nutritionist and mom of three to gain some insight, tips and creative, practical ideas on how to ensure your and your child’s nutritional needs are met throughout the year.

Participants will:

-Learn what foods to include for a balanced and healthy school or workday lunch

-Gain tips on how to plan, prep and organize for a week of successful healthy lunches

-Walk away with blank menu plan and recipes for success

Gaia Mindful Moments for Kids

With Billie (Jugat Joti Kaur) of Gaia Wellness Retreat


During this workshop children (and adults) will practice meditation and yoga while incorporating interactive games, stories and activities. Through meditation we will be learning breathing techniques and visualization to manage strong emotions, self-regulate, cope with transitions and build resiliency. Using Yoga as a moving meditation, children will leave the feeling grounded and refreshed.

The simple and fun techniques we use can easily be incorporated into a daily routine and will be developmentally appropriate for each child’s unique interests, needs and abilities. Together the children will create a safe and beautiful place to connect with their true selves, building their sense of self love and worth.

Kids of all ages (and their parents) can enjoy fun, engaging activities that teach them the basics of mindfulness. They’ll practice breathing exercises, visualizations and even try some focus-based meditation.

*This workshop will be held on the floor.  You are welcome to bring a yoga mat, small blanket or small seating cushion to improve comfort.

Brain Boosting Tips for Success

With Lori Preshing RHN


Is your child anxious about school?

Having issues with mood and concentration in class?

Picky about foods?

Did you know there are many things parents can introduce, in order to improve their child’s experience at school?

Join us to learn family tried and tested nutrition secrets:

- learn tips to reduce anxiety and help promote better sleep, especially around test time

- key supplements for boosting memory and improving focus

- how to curb sugar cravings and improve mood

- discover new tricks for picky eaters

The information in this workshop is appropriate for people of all ages looking to improve brain health.


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