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Nov 14: Master Your Metabolism-  The hormone/fat Loss Connection

Nov 14: Master Your Metabolism-  The hormone/fat Loss Connection

With Tammy Strome

Thurs Nov 14, 1:00-2:30pm - NFP Billings Bridge


Are your fat loss results escaping you?

Are you frustrated and confused by all the information out there?

Do you want to feel good and look good but it seems you can’t have both?

You can!!!

Join Tammy Strome, Women’s Wellness Expert, to cut through the fluff and understand how hormonal health is crucial to achieving the fat loss you want.   Learn about solutions and important changes you can make today that will help put your body back into fat burning bliss.

Active in the Fitness, Health & Wellness industry as a consultant, coach, speaker and writer for over 18 years…Tammy is obsessed with human potential and helping people level up their lives.  She is former Canadian Figure Champion, retired IFBB Pro & elite contest prep, performance and body transformation coach. She transitioned, as her experience and knowledge grew, to a holistic transformation and mindset mastery coach. Tammy is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with degrees in Kinesiology and Nutrition.  As a lifelong learner she holds numerous other certifications and is always growing. Tammy’s areas of specialty are hormonal and metabolic health, cognitive optimization, stress resilience, emotional health, peak performance for athletes and achievers and bio hacking for health, performance and happiness.

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