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May 14: Decoding Nutrition Labels

May 14: Decoding Nutrition Labels

With Emily Fitzgerald RD

Monday May 14th, 1:00pm -NFP Billings Bridge


Food labels are some of the most important, yet confusing, nutrition information out there! What do all of the numbers, percentages and words really mean on these labels? Join us to learn how to decipher the nutrition facts table and ingredients list to lead to healthier food choices for you and your family!

Join us to learn:

-Simple strategies to read food labels

-How to make healthy, informed food choices to lead to a healthier you!

-Hands-on experience comparing food products to make the best choice for you and your family

Emily Fitzgerald is a Registered Dietitian and the Nutrition Coach at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. She holds a Bachelor and Masters Degree of Science in Nutrition from Western University. Emily has a passion for nutrition through the cancer journey and offers 1:1 Nutrition Coaching and Nutrition Coaching Workshops to those interested in improving their health through nutrition. In her spare time she enjoys creating new recipes, sweating it out at hot yoga and spending quality time with her family and friends.

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