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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $75 *exclusions apply
Mar 30: NFP Cooking Class: Ketogenic Sugar-Free Sweets & Shop Hopping

Mar 30: NFP Cooking Class: Ketogenic Sugar-Free Sweets & Shop Hopping

With Genevieve ‘Keto Goddess’ Castonguay

Sat March 30 2019, 10:30am-12:30pm - NFP Barrhaven

$38.00  REGISTER

When the cravings hit, our first instinct is to grab whatever is in the pantry for convenience and a quick fix. Typically, we tend to go for processed food or sugary snacks which will temporarily quench that desire -- but what harmful effects do they really have on your body? There is another way!

Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach, Genevieve Castonguay, is on deck for a cooking demo featuring SUGAR-FREE sweet options that are high in healthy fats and nutrients, low in carbs and sugars, and that the whole family will enjoy. From baked goods to no-bake grab-n-go's, each participant will walk away with a variety of mini bite sized snacks to enjoy themselves or share with their loved ones and colleagues.

If that isn't enough - she will take you on a tour of Natural Food Pantry to show you all the keto-friendly in-store items to use to create these concoctions and even already pre-made items that match your lifestyle and health goals!


-- Cooking Demo with Sampling

-- Recipes included, plus bonus to try at home

-- Educational discussion on sweet/savoury snack alternatives

-- Shop Hopping with the Keto Goddess: tour of the store, optimal item list and a discount!

Genevieve Castonguay is a multi-entrepreneur operating as the owner/wellness coach of a personal training company, Goddess Gains, a ketogenic lifestyle coach adopting a persona of 'Keto Goddess' with educational speaking engagements with Keto Life//Gains, a cancer survivor, author, and freelance marketing agent. Through education, empowerment and experience, her passion is to inspire a health awakening and cultivate a healthy mindset FIRST.



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