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Mar 27:  What are You Hungry For - Experiential Workshop

Mar 27: What are You Hungry For - Experiential Workshop

With Lisa J. Weiss

Wednesday March 27th 2019, 6:00-8:30pm -  NFP Barrhaven



This experiential workshop takes us on a deeper dive into the 'What are You Hungry For' talk previously offered at NFP. Sometimes our hunger presents as food, or shopping or drinking, or as an emotion like a hunger for attention or belonging, or love etc...
Imagine if you could crack the code and and get to the root to what creates your hunger.  Getting to the root of our hunger is the key to creating a new way of living. 
This workshop is experiential. You will learn how to pause and identify your hunger, and how to activate each breath (earth, air, water and fire) as a way to 'digest' the information and clear a pathway to create the life you want by making your choices from a more empowered, innovative and creative space.
In this workshop, you will:
-Explore what you're truly hungry for through your emotions
-Identify your feelings around your hunger
-Learn how to access and use each breath to shift what underlies your hunger
Lisa J. Weiss, Evolutionary Alchemist, and Principle of I of the Storm Coaching & Consulting supports you to discover how lead your best life possible, internally and externally. Lisa has spent over 25 years helping clients discover how to listen, and communicate more effectively, with themselves and others. She invites you to reclaim your LeaderSELF™, and create a life that is richer, fuller, and more aligned with the call that emanates from deep within. 
Please Note:  Classroom space is accessible by stairs.  No previous experience required!

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