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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $79 *exclusions apply

Reset Bio Ketone Shift 30 packets


Induce ketogenesis in a whole new way with Ketone Shift™ made with KETOBA™ Activated Ketones. Energy, focus, stamina and blood sugar clearance are just some of the many benefits. Formulated to taste great, Ketone Shift™ from ResetBio will NOT cause gastrointestinal distress or load you up with unwanted sodium.


Whether it is for fat-loss, athletic performance, mental focus or anti-aging, this new ketone technology does not induce the gastrointestinal distress that is common with ketone or MCT- based formulations.

  • Sports Performance – non-stimulant energy and endurance; anti-inflammatory; minimal lactic acid build-up, fast recovery.
  • Ketogenic Diet Support – ketogenic diet benefits without strictly following ketogenic eating guidelines
  • Nootropic – ketones promote mental clarity and focus – shows promise as substitute for ADHD drugs in some cases
  • Diabetic Support – supports healthy blood sugar levels without hypoglycaemic outcome


Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant or in doubt of health status.