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Salt Spring Coffee Peru


Medium Roast

A single-origin coffee and our lightest roast. It has sweet, nutty and bright citrus tasting notes with a delicate body.

Our Peru is our lightest roast, making it a natural starting point to begin exploring our Classic coffee line-up. If you’re accustomed to bold, dark coffees like our Sumatra or French Roast, this light-bodied brew will take your taste buds to new places.

Just like the name says, these organic and fairtrade coffee beans come exclusively from Peru. Achieving the perfect medium-roast coffee is a real balancing act. You want to roast long enough to bring out the best in the beans and highlight the characteristics you want, without veering into dark-roast territory.

The result? Expect a sweet, citrus coffee with floral notes. Equally delicious brewed hot or to make your own cold brew at home.

Tasting Notes: Sweet, Citrus, Bright