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FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $75 *exclusions apply

Iron Vegan Amino Octane Tart Cherry 420g


AMINO OCTANE™ gives plant-based fuel a whole new edge. Every scoop contains a powerhouse of high-performance nutrients designed to support your body – so quitting just isn’t an option. This involves 3 core building blocks: FUEL, ENDURANCE & PROTECTION.

Endurance means less pain, fending off exhaustion with ease, and optimal muscle function. How’s all this possible? Through the inherent power of plant-based ingredients that allow for better strength and stamina.

 Fuel means being able to pursue your passion without any setbacks. Whether your heart is set on outdoor adventures, competitive sports, or challenging workouts, clean fuel is the driving force behind it all.

Protection means exerting yourself without ever having to slow down. AMINO OCTANE™ protects you with key ingredients allowing you to do what you want as powerfully as you want. Muscle fatigue and muscle breakdown won’t stop you.


  • Builds and repairs muscle tissue and increases skeletal energy uptake with a steady supply of Fermented BCAAs
  • Combats lactate build-up and supports muscle function with Magnesium Bysglycinate
  • Supports immune function following the stress of high-intensity activity with Fermented L-Glutamine
  • Ensures your muscles and cells have the nutrients & oxygen they need for energy via the nitric oxide power of Beet Root
  • Get a steady supply of electrolytes from Coconut Water
  • Naturally flavoured, sweetened & coloured