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ATTN. OTTAWA SHOPPERS: We are switching our local home deliveries to Fridays only, orders must be submitted by Tuesdays at noon, thanks for shopping with us!

Virtual Pantry Points

What are Virtual Pantry Points?

The virtual Pantry Points program is designed to reward our loyal online shoppers and we hope you make the most of this program! If you shop online you get a free online membership with us where you can earn points.

pantry points

How do I earn points?

dollar sign Earn 1 virtual pantry point for every dollar you spend with us

book  Earn 25 virtual pantry points when you read our content

sign up Earn 150 virtual pantry points for creating your first account with us

hand Earn 150 virtual pantry points when you refer friends

Facebook logo Earn 100 virtual pantry points every time you share us on Facebook

Instagram logo Earn 100 virtual pantry points the first time you follow us on Instagram (one time use per account)

500 pantry points = $10 reward toward future purchase

1000 pantry points = $25 reward toward future purchase

Are there any exceptions?

Please note we have the authority to remove any extra points gained through any abuse of this program. Any discounts that may have come from those extra points will be revoked as well.  If you have any questions concerning this, please contact us here

Are Virtual Pantry Points the same as in-store Pantry Points?

No, the two programs are separate from each other.  In-store Pantry Points can be earned at any of our physical locations.

How do I redeem my virtual pantry points?

In the main menu click on Points and My Points Dashboard