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Mar 5: Woman On Fire:  The Soul of Feminine Autoimmunity

Mar 5: Woman On Fire:  The Soul of Feminine Autoimmunity

With Ann Jarvis

NEW Date: Thurs March 5, 7-8pm - NFP Barrhaven (Original date of Feb 27 was changed due to weather)

$10/person (Reimbursed upon arrival as NFP gift card. Funds collected from those who do not attend will be donated to CHEO) 


In this talk, Ann unravels the Autoimmune Personality. She recounts her own journey with an autoimmune disease, which began as a child and which she finally healed (in the strangest of ways) in her mid-40’s.  We will look at the crucial roles of food, expression, and Soul. We will come to see that this sickness is actually a superpower, simply waiting to be unleashed. Finally, Ann will share with you the one thing that turned everything around for her own health, and that no one else is talking about in the wellness industry.

Ann Jarvis is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Holistic Nutritionist, Metaphysical Teacher and Writer.  Ann recovered from a decades long autoimmune disease through the implementation of a healing diet, self-nourishment and through, what she calls, spiritual surrender.  Ann loves to help women recover from autoimmunity through the reclamation of their voice, the release of trauma and coming home to their unique Soul. Ann believes that all pain in purposeful and that once we find that purpose, it can be released.  Ann sees clients, one on one and she regularly teaches courses on Women and Food and Mapping The Blueprint of Your Soul. Ann is currently creating an in-depth online course specifically for women who are dealing with autoimmunity. For more information on Ann, please visit:
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