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Preparation for 10 Day Gut-Brain Reset

Preparation for 10 Day Gut-Brain Reset

Step 1:  Review the menu plan, recipes and shopping lists. I recommend printing the materials and organizing them in a folder.

Step 2:  Personalize the menu.  A blank menu has been provided for you to print and use to build a personalized plan should you wish to modify the menu.  You will notice that the menu includes smoothies most days for breakfast and soups or salads each day for lunch.  Alternative recipes have been provided for those who wish for more variety.  The basic salad recipes, veggies and hummus or seed crackers and guacamole offer some great additions to lunch or dinner.  Some individuals like to adhere to the plan with precision, others like to get creative and personalize.  You know yourself best.  If you are very new to this style of eating, perhaps set a goal to incorporate one of the menu items each day.  Make your plan realistic and achievable for you!

Step 3:  The menu plan is the foundation of this reset/cleanse.  Supplement recommendations have been provided for those who would like to enhance their experience. Review the supplement document and determine which products you would like to include.  For first time participants or those who consume many quick, processed and convenience foods, I recommend the green drink powder, fish oil and prebiotic. Those who have prior reset experience and/or follow mainly a whole foods lifestyle would benefit from adding Cultured Coconut and Aloe Vera juice for a deeper experience.

Step 4:  Based on your personalized menu plan and supplement choices, modify or add to your grocery list as needed.  The grocery list is based on the exact menu plan provided and doesn't take into account extra/alternative recipes.  Also keep in mind that this plan is designed, for the most part, to feed two people.  If you will be cooking for your family or participating solo, you will need to increase or decrease the quantities of ingredients in your shopping list.  Many of the soups and main dishes can be prepared in advance and frozen for later.

Step 5 Schedule your grocery shopping and preparation time.  If you expect to be busy next week, I suggest doing 3-4 hours of food preparation over the weekend.  This will ensure that you have several dishes and snacks ready for the first week of the reset.  Shopping on Friday and setting aside 3-4 hours Saturday-Monday for food preparation will ensure success.   If you don't have time this weekend and prefer to cook your meals fresh each day, that can work too!

Step 6:  There are a few optional items that you can begin preparing now. These items can certainly be purchased if you prefer. However, if you are keen and have the time and resources, you may wish to make your own sprouts, veggie broth or bone broth. The soup recipes can also be made well in advance and frozen should you anticipate busy times ahead!  We will be using a lot of soup broth so preparing homemade broth in advance is helpful.

Here are some helpful videos from some YouTube friends:

Click Here for a video on easy sprouting. These guidelines can also be applied to sunflower seeds, mung beans or any other dried legume!

Check out this video on making bone broth.  This process can be done using beef bones from your local butcher as well.

Check out this video on making vegetable stock for soups  Save, freeze and use your veggie scraps for amazing soup stock.  The following veggies work very well in stock:  onion, leek, garlic, carrot, celery, fennel, sweet potato end and peel, parsnip, turnip, green beans, zucchini, peppers, wild mushrooms. Cruciferous veggies and leafy greens tend to leave a bitter taste and are not the best for stocks.


Enjoy the planning and preparation phase!